GT5 Prologue: Sony Expects Big Sales

Looking at the Global release schedule during this upcoming week, the stand out title expected to cause a stir in sales, in Asia atleast, is the popular racing franchise Gran Turismo, in Prologue form.

Sony reportedly expects substantial sales for one of their flagship titles in Japan, with an estimated 50,000 PSN downloads expected coupled with a few hundred thousand retail sales in the first initial weeks alone.

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PStriple7033878d ago

Whats the differnce between GT5 Prologue and GT5?

Kees3877d ago

well GT5p is the prologue to GT5. So GT5 prologue is a taste of what GT5 is going to be

WilliamRLBaker3877d ago

Its a limited release before the Full game is released later, therefor it is a paid for demo.

I dont believe their is any information as to special stuff you'll get for geting the demo before the full game like say special cars unlocked when u get the full game, or being able to tranfer over any cars and tracks....ect you've gotten on the demo but i did hear tell that you get a few exclusive cars if you paid the money out for the demo, but in the end thats what it is....a demo.

rofldings3877d ago

...a very big demo with:

"16-player online races, 40 cars, 5 tracks (8 layouts), and will support Full HD resolution (1080p) and 7.1ch (LPCM) high definition sound"

BrianC62343877d ago

"therefor it is a paid for demo."

I'd pay for all demos if they were this good. How many demos have you seen that have what GT5 Prologue has? Most full games aren't this good.

tethered3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I agree with Mr. Baker..... well kind-of agree.
There is already a free demo out of this game (in Japan) so this isn't a demo. By the way the demo is really good.

If it is only a taste of GT5 then it should be priced accordingly.
No way this should be anywhere close to full price. Maybe $10 to $15 range.

No one is forcing you to buy it and I probably wont unless it is around the price I stated. I'll more than likely wait for the full game.

rofldings3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well GT4: Prologue was $20 in Japan (don't think it was released in US) and they usually have premium prices for Japan ... So, I'm expecting around $30-35 (in US), since it's a PS3 title.

WilliamRLBaker3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

regardless of what you say this is still a demo by all definiton it is a demo, Its a prologue.
Defitions for Prologue.
Defitions of Demo.

AS you can see pretty much exactly the same.
AS for that tethered I never said you we're forced to buy it (something you sonyfanboys like to imply when it comes to downloadable content over xbox live) as for 10-15 dollars thats still too much specially if they expect you to pay the full 60 dollars for the game once its released, Now if they knocked off 15-20 bux then thad be fine and you got special stuff in the full game for buying the demo, but we have no details on how much this demo is gonna cost, or as to if any special content will be given to those that buy the demo and then the full game when its released.

Say what you want but its a demo and nothing you say will change that, any ways we all know if this was pulled on the 360 you sonyfanboys would say the exact same thing OH its a demo!

lets just hope they dont charge too much for this demo like say 20 bux or im gonna laugh pretty hard.

tethered3877d ago

Well we are in agreement.
I won't pay for a demo. I have the demo already and I can wait for the full game at $60. If a lot of people pay more than $15 for this then it justifies the cost in the eyes of Sony and you should expect more of the same down the road.

I really hate the nickel and dime crap they are doing to us.

Motorstorm should have been $40 just like Warhawk.
As a result I will be buying extras for Warhawk but never will for Motorstorm.

Dont get me wrong. Motorstorm is fun as hell but to ship an incomplete game for full price and then charge for tracks and cars that should have been in the game from the start is crazy.

rushbd3877d ago

As always you are wrong .

Polyphony Digital has already confirmed that players will be able to transfer the credit and unlockables they earn in GT5:Prologue to the full game when it releases.

yes it's a paid-for demo. But you don't get a demo with these much stuff. can you disagree? It has 40 cars(even some full games doesn't have this much), 5 location with (5*8)=40 playable tracks, 16 player online mode and more.

to be honest someone can release this 'demo' calling a full game. (e.g. NFS: CARBON had around 50 cars and a city with 4-5 locales containing 7-8 variants each )

But as the main GT5 is so massive ( with reported (by topgear ) 900+ cars ). the GT5:prologue can only be called a paid-for demo.

But that doesn't make it unworthy of buying. because I, like many other serious racers , would want to experience and get a head start on the game which is on the making to be the biggest , baddest , purest car and most beautiful simulator on the living game history.

well before GT6 anyway :P

beoulve3876d ago

you guys to realize that there is GT5-prologue demo? If you don't want to pay for 16 player 40cars and 8 tracks. Just stick with single player free version demo.

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sonarus3878d ago

offcourse they expect big sales. GT is sony's best selling franchise the last GT4 prologue sold over a million in Japan alone. granted ps2 has a much higher install base. I see this as a test to the system selling power of GT. When your selling consoles off a demo lol... thats crazy

MaximusPrime3877d ago

after all that advertisement in Japan, no doubt the PS3 hardware sale will rise steeply/

ruibing3877d ago

Sony just needs to create a bundle for this and then another few for LBP and MGS4.

cuco333877d ago

is how all the Sony fans make it seem OK to release a demo of a game and charge for it... No matter how you put it, GT5:Prologue is a demo to the GT5 game...

How's about Polyphony and Sony work on releasing GT5 rather than releasing GT5:P and seeing the responses to tweak and adjust accordingly.

We didn't see Forza 2 come out with a demo they charged.... They released the game and that was it.

GTR (PC) > FORZA (360) > GT (PS3)
this is from a car enthusiast and avid racing game nut...

robep33876d ago

Hi All PS3 users and the xbots who haunt this forum because their console has went RROD YET AGAIN and of course nothing happens on the 360 forum anyway LOL.

see sales figs here for previous versions.

ADDS UP TO ABOUT 47,530,00!!!!!!!


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Anego Montoya FTMFW3877d ago

Literally, is the START of the END for MS in JAPAN, FF13 being the END of the END for MS in JAPAN.

Relcom3877d ago

I didn't realize there was a beginning....

BrianC62343877d ago

There wasn't a start for Microslop in Japan. They were DOA. :)

Antiomo3877d ago

long hours of gameplay.

One thing they must do is make training a bit easier for those noobs out there.

They should make a deal with logitech, put a coupon inside the game so it will encourage the purchase of the steering wheel.

rofldings3877d ago

Yeah, I really want a Logitech G25 .. but $250, damn!

Regret3877d ago

Don't ease the game cuz of noobs. Wii is suffering enough from that.

BrianC62343877d ago

I haven't kept up on steering wheels. I just did a search for the G25 and Logitech's site has it at $299.99, not $250. That is a lot of money. I had a steering wheel before but I got rid of it. I just couldn't set it up in my livingroom so I was comfortable. The regular controller is fine for me anyway.


Tigerdirect. And it has a $35.00 rebate. rebate expires tomorrow. though.

item# L23-7234

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