First Screenshots for Phantasy Star Universe Portable

SEGA released the first screenshots for Phantasy Star Universe Portable,
from what we know it will have four player co-op mode over the PSP's
local (ad-hoc) which means no online multiplayer.

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Relcom3871d ago

to amaze me. Those are very impressive for a handheld. As for the game, I already own the best RPG on the PSP "Disgaea: Afternoon of darkness," so i'm good.

ruibing3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I was going to get that but I already have it on the PS2, so I got Jeanne D'Arc instead.

Update: Jeanne D'arc was a lot like FF Tactics but there is much less confusions since there are no classes to worry about. It had a really good story, vibrant graphics, and a great combat system. In fact, it only retailed for $30 on Amazon. It was developed by Level 5, so you know it's a solid RPG right off the bat.

Relcom3871d ago

well its a win win for you then. How is Jeanne D'Arc? I'm loving these strategy games. FF Tactics was my favorite til disgaea

Darkiewonder3871d ago

Jeanne D'Arc + Final Fantasy Tactics + Disgaea.

Get those and you'll have many hours of non-stop fun ;o

foki3871d ago

Thats cool the last time I played phantasy star was on the dream cast and i liked it. At the moment though my fav rpgs for the psp are FF tactics and the tales series but I have some room for this game when it comes out 2 ^_^