Aonuma not sure if there will be another Zelda in the Skyward Sword world/style

There have been a few instances in which Nintendo has built off of previous Zelda games. Majora’s Mask, for example, used the same art style as Ocarina of Time and was essentially a direct sequel. The same can be said of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks – both games featured cel-shaded graphics introduced by Wind Waker and took place after the events of the GameCube title.

Regarding Skyward Sword, there’s a strong chance that its art style and world may not be used again in the future.

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Solid_Snake372509d ago

Why not? I loved skyward sword art! It helped mask the wii limitations and it looked good. Or maybe because of wii u's power, they won't have to do it again

Eamon2509d ago

Please return to Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess art style on the Wii U.

That Zelda Wii U demo looked amazing.

Solid_Snake372509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Twilight Princess has imo the best art of all of them. And the dark atmosphere fitted the game perfectly

les_snc912509d ago

Love Skyward Sword, but prefer the Oot/TP style.

--Onilink--2509d ago

well, they usually pick the art style after some time in development because they choose it based on gameplay and the mood they want to give.

Skyward's style, even though it was obviously a way to deal with Wii's limited hardware, still turned out to be really beatiful, so i wouldnt mind if they keep it.

pcz2509d ago

im not sure about skyward sword.

in hindsight i have good memories of it, but while i was playing it i was underwhelmed and at times just bored.

i hope nintendo come with something new. to have another game set in the skyward world would be boring.

Gr812509d ago

Glad I aint the only one who was bored playing this game. There was some good elements to it, but too much irrelevant bs and constant talk just killed it for me.

This is what Zelda needs.

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