Play Magazine Previews Alan Wake: Hyper-Realistic, Dynamic And Interactive Environments.

Play Magazine's -Eric L. Patterson

The goodies from X06 are starting to come out, so we bring you screenshots of Alan Wake, the upcoming psychological action thriller from Microsoft Game Studios and Remedy Entertainment. The game centers around Alan Wake, a famous writer who finds himself one day in a strange town, trapped in some sort of nightmarish world.

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Winter47th3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Yeah that's nice but when the hell is it gonna be released? i remember it was the first next-gen game ever to be shown back in '05, now we're on the doors of 2008 and there's no solid word on the release date except 'sometime in '08 '

they should get this over with so they can start working on Max Payne 3.

MK_Red3787d ago

I'm sure I heard/read somewhere that Max Payne 3 won't be developed by Remedy (Alan Wake and Max Payne 1/2 devs). RockStar has the rights and they'll probably be making it by themselves.

sonarus3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

open environment game didnt see this coming. In my opinion the open environment donsent work for all games however great to hear positive things for alan wake cnt wait to see actual gameplay footage. Would be great to see another great title in 08. The game sounds like a silent hill rip off though but we'll see how it plays out.

sonarus3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

ma bad for the double post and @DRUDOG LA Noire is a 2009 game also its not being developed by rockstar think its frm the guys that made the original getaway on ps2. Max payne wasnt the best game but i really loved the bullet time way better than stranglhold in my opinion. judging from the demo i would still rather play max payne on ps2 than shold.

DRUDOG3787d ago

When are they going to have time to work on MP3? They've still got to finish GTA and then they've got LA Noire in the hopper...

As for Alan Wake, looks good and I saw that same tech demo that blew my mind. Although I thought the demo was run on a PC. I don't have a 360, but I'll probably get this for my laptop.

Bull5hifT3786d ago

remedy is a small group.......while rockstar has multiple teams around the world working on various games like, Midnight Club:Los Angeles,Bully: Scolarship Edition,Grand Theft Auto 4,L.a. Noir,Beatorator and various other projects

I think the team from manhunt arent busy right now

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Gamingisfornerds3787d ago

Though, it would be a lot more interesting if the game would release within the next 50 years. :P

tony3787d ago

i believe this game is going to be good , different and is going to look impressive.

wageslave3787d ago

can't agree more -- alan awake is going to be another genre-buster for the xbox 360.

can't wait.

MK_Red3787d ago

This game is gonna be a timeless classic.
I saw a tech demo of the stunning tornado effects along with revolutionary shodow and lighting system. With Remedy as dev, the gameplay would be as tight and awesome as the graphics and they probably have plenty of innovative ideas.
The demo shown long ago was insanely impressive but only for PC. Hope the 360 version is as good because my PC won't be able to handle such a game. Can't wait.

Relcom3787d ago

are very impressive. Also i like what there trying to with the game. I would love to play this, if i had a Xbox.

Mr Marbles3787d ago

How the hell do you not have an xbox?

What kind of gamer still has no 360 at this point?

What are you waiting on?

Do you not like games? cuz there are an aweful lot on the 360 that your missing.

Relcom3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

First fanboy in the thread. I was wondering when you'd show up and ruin an smart conversation. I can own what i want so fuk off. Quit forcing your console on people. Its retarded

Mr Marbles3787d ago

but i didn't say you couldn't own what you want, I just asked how you can still not have a 360? I assume you are not some anti MS fanboy so i was just wondering, relax dude, dont be so emotional, you don't even know me. Why do you let a complete stranger on the internet upset you so much?

Relcom3787d ago

its this site not you. I always feel defensive. Anyways I dunno why i don't have one. I want to play Bioshock definatly and i wanted to play crackdown. But being in the navy doesen't pay to well. It just makes sense to own one console at this point. I choose PS3. But when the price goes down on the 360 you better believe i'll buy it. Well there you go, that my thoughts on the 360. Sorry for the outburst.

HarryEtTubMan3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Mr. Marbles you're so funny. I have a 360 and this is proabbly the exclusive I am most excited for but I hate to break it to you...I am WAYYYY more excited for my new PS3's 2008 games and beyond. I understand the PS3 had a good first year(sold a little better than the 360 in its first year... but definately had its downfalls and had no games with the HYPE of Bioshock and Halo....that doesnt mean it wont in the next 9 years on its life cycle. "o MAN what gamer's dont own a Xbox?" hahahaha YOU MAKE ME CRACK UP. THE XBOX IS PROVING NOTHING. It just released Halo. The PS3 is ALREADY selling better worldwide since the price drop.Don't you understand it has only sold 14 million in over 2 years? THATS NOPT AMAZING AND THE CONSOLE "REAL GAMERS" are choosing. OBVIOUSLY. PS3is about to start its second year and things are gonna change. Like it or not. Maybe not immediately but THINK ABOUT IT. How is the PS3 ALREADY keeping up with this is REALLY the 360's time it needs to shine. PS3 has a LONG life ahead with MANY exclusives(yes including even 2 Rockstar Exclusives.) Mr. Marbles you live in fake Xbot world where the Xbox is the All- Around console of choice. Not the choice for Hard core Halo fanboys like in real life. Xbox hasn't proven shat except for being the most defective console ever created. Do you honestly think the 360 will sale 100 million in its life cycle? Or even half? haha. Halo and the TRUE big games have released besides maybe Gears 2(even though the franchise is only a year old. Not a Gran Turismo, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy franchise. It just isn't. PS3 is just beginning and I know you might be in your little la la land where PS3 isn't fun online and the games suck but in the real world that is VERY MUCH a lie. PS3 will win in the end. The marathon BEGINS in 2008.hahahahahahahahaha

socomnick3787d ago

Relcom don't listen to marbles m8 if in the future you do decide to buy a 360 welcome man and Ill be more than happy to play with you on live.

PS3n3603787d ago

I think this site contributed to me holding off buying a ps3. I felt like so may people were trying to stuff it down my throat by bashing the 360 which I personally enjoy immensely. I finally did get a ps3 and its great. I encourage anyone who possibly can to grab both consoles. They each have great games now and upcoming. If you cant afford both thats fine but why bash the one you didnt buy? They are very different machines catering to different tastes it doesnt make one better or worse. Its like argueing which color is better yellow or orange.

godofthunder103787d ago

i think that it will be a great game and i can't wait till it comes out.
HarryEtTubMan i don't think that you know what the hell is going on,you're just trying to push the ps3 on every one and act like sony never had a defected console.
when sony first released the ps1 and 2 they had problems with their drives,hell you could have a new system and game and some on them would still say can't read disc,i'll admit it wasn't in the 30% mark like the 360 but it was in the 20% mark.i had to buy 5 ps systems in less then a year and a half because of the drive and i know some people that had to buy more then that but sony fixed the problem with in the systems first 2 years in their life span but they didn't do a damn thing for the people when their system started breaking right after the 60 or 90 day warrinty was out.when sony released the ps3 they did a great job and they had it right the first time but it took them 3 generation of consoles to do also had problems with their computers blowing up in people faces,defected cameras and their first br players had problems but you still want to act as if sony never had any problems with their product.
you talk about how sony sold over 100 million systems,well you're right but they didn't sell 100 million units to 100 million people.the fact is that some people like me had to buy more then 1 because their ps2 broke down in it's first year,hell like i said before i had to buy 5 of them and some people bought more then that,maybe some people bought more then one for different rooms or maybe a few years after they bought their ps2 it broke down so they had to buy another to try and say that for every ps2 that sony sold was to different people is just pathetic,hell out of 100 million ps2 sold it was only between 50 and 60 million people that bought them.
just like when sony first released their ps they had problems with it but they fixed them.well microsoft is having problem with the 360 and they are fixing them to.all the new ones that's comeing out will have the new chip in them,so they want over heat and every one has a 3 year warrinty on their 360 so every one will have a warrinty on their consoles for half the console life span because microsoft said that the 360 will last 6 years.people want to blame microsoft for the defect in the 360 and they are right in a way.i know that it's microsoft product and i agree that microsoft should take all the blam but the pieces that's causing the over heating was done by another sub the job out to them and it's their defected parts.i'm not trying to say that it's not microsoft fault because it is because they should've checked every thing out them selfs before they subed the job out to them so i think that they both are to blame for the 360 problems.
you bragged about the ps3 lasting 10 years,well i laughed my ass off when i read you think that an electronic product will be up to date in 10 years when you can buy a computer and it's outdated in 6 will release a ps4 with in 6 years but they will still sell the ps3 just like they are doing now with the selling the ps2 and 3 at the same time and they will sale the ps3 and 4 at the same time.
you are also trying to say that the 360 will not have any good games in 2008,well you are dead's just a few games on the 360 that will not be on the ps3

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

they have a lot more games and i didn't even count the xboxlive games.

i hate sony and i'm not buying a ps3.360 fans want admit it but i will admit that the ps3 is a good system with good games and they have some ps3 exclusives that i wish was on the 360 like kill zone 2 and some other games and all 360 fans wish that some ps3 exclusives was on the 360 but i don't like games like rachet and clank and i played metal gear and i don't like it and i don't care for things like home.
ps3 fans like you want admit it,but all ps3 fans wish that some 360 exclusives were on the ps3 like mass effect and some other ones and i know that ps3 fans hate some 360 exclusives because 360 fans hate some ps3 exclusives.
the fact is that the 360 and ps3 are both good system with good games.the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and the ps3 does some things better then the 360 if you want to admit it or not.
what i'm trying to say is just because you hate a company you don't have to lie and say that the system and all the games sux.ps3 fans say stuff like all the graphics on the 360 looks like the ps2 graphics even when some games graphics or better on the 360 then the ps3.ps3 fans also say that the 360 is an xbox 1.5 saying that it's just like the regula xbox and they know that it's a lot more powerful then the xbox but they don't want to admit it.i know that the ps3 isn't using all its power yet but they're not using all the power on the 360 yet either.the 360 fans say stupid stuff like this to about the ps3 and they know it's not true.
like i said before i hate sony and i'm not buying a ps3 but i'll admit it's a good system with good games but the 360 is a good system with good games to.the ps3 fans and 360 fans all need to give credit where credit is due to both system because they both will be around for a long time..

skagrerrrr3787d ago

to get my hands on this game

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