FIFA 12 beats Modern Warfare 3 in Latest PAL Charts

EA’s ‘FIFA 12’ (-27%) finishes first for the final week of the year fending off three threequels in the shape of Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ (-37%) at No2, EA again with ‘Battlefield 3’ (-28%) at No3 and Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance 3’ (-55%) at No4.

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ChiVoLok02541d ago

Well soccer(football) is really big in PAL territories so it's no surprise.

Horny2541d ago

FIFA deserves it. Surprisingly EA sports actually makes each game better unlike most of their other sport titles which play pretty much the same for 2-3 yrs.
I had more fun playing FIFA with friends 2vs2 then I did in call of duty in a long time.

FlashXIII2541d ago Show
GraveLord2541d ago

MW3 still sold way more though even though FIFA was on the shelves for much longer.