Top-Secret Konami Files Leaked Out

"With the festivities of New Year over, Hardcore Gaming 101 is excited to reveal a treasure trove of top secret Konami files, which we’re making available for you to download. Grab them before Konami slaps an injunction on us.

With the New Year great changes are in motion at HG101. Not just in the site itself and the way you read it, but also with a series of extremely exciting, exclusive articles, and also this selection of Konami files. In truth, due to a clerical error, these files were never technically under an NDA back in the day – so perhaps they’re not top secret. But they are interesting. They are a selection of localisation files, containing the original Japanese scripts and official English translations, for several Konami games and a variety of manuals. There’s also translation notes and other behind-the-scenes morsels in some of them."

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