Inspecting Skyrim Dark Brotherhood quests

GIE writes: If you’ve been playing Skyrim for long enough then you would have met the Dark Brotherhood, and for us this was an assassin on a winding road in the mountains. After the assassin met their death we managed to find a note on them explaining little about why someone wanted us killed, although this is how the Dark Brotherhood do their dirty work – hired assassins.

You may tell a different story and want to find out more about Skyrim Dark Brotherhood quests, which means you’d rather be the person hunting and killing. If this is you then we’ve embed a few videos below that will help you with certain Dark Brotherhood quests.

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Krew_922452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )

In my opinion the Dark Brotherhood quests are some of the best quests in the game. I really enjoyed every hour of them. It also, in my opinion, had the most memorable characters, they had emotions, and weren't lifeless like many of the others.

Also, was the voice actor of Cicero the same person who voiced Percival Tachyon from Ratchet and Clank: FtoD? They sound really similar.

Valenka2452d ago

I'm hoping for some downloadable content that expands the Dark Brotherhood. I loved working for them in Oblivion and as well in Skyrim. I definitely agree they're some of the best quests in the game(s) and I would love to see some expansion and some history.

DragonKnight2452d ago

I had the best time doing the Dark Brotherhood main quests. Reminded me of Assassin's Creed but in an RPG. Stalking the target, making sure I'm not seen when I kill them, the way the NPC's react to you after you join and complete a few contracts. It's awesome to be walking in a town and the guard says in a hushed voice "Hey, I know who you are... Hail Sithis" or "I heard about you, I mean the Dark Brotherhood, I mean.. nevermind. Sir." It's just awesome to see that kind of fear present in what are usually static NPC's.

SITH2452d ago

There is no dark brotherhood in my current game.


I killed the all in the destroy the darkbrotherhood quest.

despair2452d ago

I considered that but its a lot more fun and rewarding to actually join, plus you get the badass horse, shadowmere, and that Lucien's ghost who says the most psychotic stuff.

bobrea2452d ago


SITH2452d ago

I already played the darkbrotherhood quest. I was not too impressed with it. I actually found the theives guild quest more entertaining.