5 Reasons Why the PSN Store Needs a Redesign

Sony needs to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps.

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resistance1002542d ago

I don't really have a problem with the store. The only problem if any is that it can be slow at times but thats probably more down to my connection.

jaosobno2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I would be very happy if PSN Store was integrated into XMB itself instead of being a separate application. That would make XMB much more appealing and store much more accessible.

The store itself is a mess, content is poorly classified and you have to go through endless menus to get somewhere.

And yes, sometimes the store is very slow, usually after selecting download in background option - which should be a default setting instead of separate option (who wants to wait utill few gigabytes of some demo downloads?), and then trying to go back to previous section of store.

Don't worry, it's not your internet connection, I have 20Mbps and it's the same for me.

Thatguy-3102541d ago

It's already 2012 and it has the same feel that it had when it launch. Just that they only added extra colums -_- Everything feels the same I really want a newer UI. Loved how they used the UI on the Vita. It really looks enjoyable to use and to look at.

meetajhu2542d ago

There is no need of a redesign. Its perfect from PSP!

iamnsuperman2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I personally think the store doesn't need a visual redesign as it is quite easy to navigate. One area that needs a revamp that was mentioned in the article is the search. It isn't great.I searched for Payday yesterday and the top results were trailers then it was the game but after it was completely unrelated stuff. The list view is also a pain for navigating the search results. If it went to the tradition grid format sorted by game, trailer.....

edit: I am not sure what is wrong with text based headings. Problem with graphics is the new user will find it almost impossible to understand what means what. How is the word "Latest" or "PS3 Games" not a easier way (especially for new users) that an image of a PS3 or a calendar for latest.

Rainstorm812542d ago

I agree they should also have a search function for your downloaded games, i have downloaded over 600 plus items (games, movies, Demos) and sometimes i delete games to clear space on my HDD but its such a pain to find what you have downloaded. The only two options is to scroll your download list or search for the item in the store

OmegaSlayer2542d ago

This comment is named:
"5 reasons why fortunately Abdulla Fadhel doesn't design websites/apps" :p

lorianguy2542d ago

I don't think it needs a design - I'm still impressed with its ability to detect previous purchases! (such as know you have previously redeemed Blacks Ops [email protected] maps from a special edition, then automatically offer rezurrection for free)

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The story is too old to be commented.