Gaming For Real

Part of what separates gaming from other forms of entertainment is its ability to give users a firsthand taste of the impossible -- or at least incredibly unlikely. But sometimes, living vicariously just doesn't cut it. Limited only by their own ingenuity (and, most likely, dozens of zoning laws), the most dedicated enthusiasts have tried to answer the age-old question, "What would this game be like in real life?"

With the help of a few friends, really lame costumes and, of course, a video camera, they've come up with some truly amazing answers. Courtesy of the internet masses, Yahoo! proudly presents seven examples of what can happen when games and reality collide.

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Relientk773901d ago

oh come on .. no comments? ....

thats freakin awesome

MK_Red3901d ago

True. These videos are really awesome and deserve much more attention and heat :(

Cat3901d ago

agreed, next time I'll change the title to "Gaming for Real: ps3/360/wii/blu-ray/hd dvd FTW!" er, or something.

I Call 9MM3901d ago

I've seen this posted before, but its still hilarious.

MK_Red3901d ago

Really REALLY crazy and insanely INSANELY awesome. My fave was the Mario video. Also loved Donkey Kong as well as Project GameOver's Pole Position and Space Invaders.

gamesR4fun3901d ago

thats reality tv the way i like it.

jinn3901d ago

expect the unexpected