Final Fantasy X PS3 Remake Might Look Like This

TQ author writes: When Final Fantasy X comes the PS3 as an HD remake, we’re hoping that it’s a complete remake running the FFXIII engine like it has been rumored, however, if that doesn’t happened, I think we’ll be OK with the standard PS3 HD remake after looking at the possibilities.

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RedDead2539d ago

Hope for FFXIII engine too, or improvements like Versus

crxss2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

at this point i'm still hoping for a full blown remake instead of an HD version. then they should do 7, 8, and 9. or at least one other one for the current gen consoles

dericb112538d ago

Start with 6 first. Once you figure out where Terra came from you began to see why people say its a great game. Please dont spoil it. I think a person should play the game to see why its great.

slayorofgods2538d ago

I'm excited about a FFX hd remake, it is one of the best in the FF series. But one problem I have is if this will postpone FFvs13 even more.

Full blown remakes are good and all but they will also stall future releases of this series.... What I really want is FF15 to focus on what has made this series so good, returning to their roots with a whole new game.

iamtehpwn2538d ago

You guys gotta be reasonable. You want them to remake 6, 7, 8 and 9 in full HD for current gen consoles? A remake is fine every now and then, but I want to Square Enix to make new Final Fantasy's that were as good as though, not just go back to the past.

Trebius2538d ago

Theyre so blind to what their fans want ... its easy to tell they just want to stick to doing as little work as possible to gain a buck instead of doing some real work and trying to shine and hitting a home run.

Square ... oh how the mighty have fallen...

slayorofgods2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Trebius, I wouldn't exactly call them lazy. FF13 actually has some of the best cgi this generation. The problem is they took too big of a chance changing things up that they forgot what made the series so good.

In all actuality FF13 is a good game. It reminds me of FF12; A game that you really hate at first because of how different it is, but in time it grows on you.

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DarkZane2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

It was already confirmed very recently it was a remake with the ff13 engine and it was in early stage of development.

Also, they can't remake 1 to 9. Those had towns, npcs, a worldmap and an airship and they were huge worlds.

The reason they're remaking 10 is because it's very similar to 13 since 10 is also very much a long corridor. Only difference is that it also have towns and npcs, but no worldmap.

smashman982538d ago

Never confirmed to have xiii engine
Its been confirmed that theyr were implementing new shaders and other things for slight graphical improvement

Its also been confirmed that they were going to change some things in the game to enhance the experience

But never did they say it was gonna use the xiii engine

sirdrake2537d ago

it wasn't confirmed to be using the xiii engine but it is a going rumor.

Tanir2538d ago

anyone else notice something that everyone forgot about old ff games and turn based rpgs from this video????
AUTOATTACK!!!!!! for every IDIOT who complained, this video serves as proof to the people who forgot the games were always auto attack unless it was a boss, same for ff13.......doesnt mean ff13 was good, just sayin, hate people who called it out on that yet forgot about all jrpgs being guilty of that

Megaman_nerd2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

it's different dude, this guy has ultimate weapons and his level is maxed out. In other words, he had to do sidequests and a lot of backtracking to achieve that while in FFXIII there is none of that. Even Yuna is doing 99999 damage with simple attacks and the enemy doesn't die, which mean that in a normal play-through you would need to use magic and stuff instead of simply attacking for 99999 damage to beat it.

Next time, use common sense please.

KwietStorm2538d ago

There's a lot more than auto pilot that people were upset with.

Blaze9292538d ago

why would a REMAKE look anything like those possible images? It's supposed to be a remake, not a remaster. I wish they would release it looking like that...

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Agent_hitman2538d ago

So it is a Remake not just HD remaster!.. Good to know

Eamon2538d ago

Actually as far as we know, it's a bit of both.

A HD port but with new graphical upgrades. I honestly doubt it will be a full HD remake.

Then again, Final Fantasy X doesn't even need a HD remake. It already looks good. You can play it sharper and clearer in HD and with advanced shaders, lighting and without jaggy edges on PCSX2.

NukaCola2538d ago

It's an advance remaster. Cutscene polished with the new Crystal Engine. Added effects to make battle more vibrant and intence. Remaster sound and music. Some sort of MP/Co-Op(Maybe Blitzball or a PSN/Vita cross play downloadable deal). I think I read there will be some added stuff and hopefully this will be downloadable game share so I can get it on PS3 and play it on Vita. I bet SE would sell this game seperate on both but who knows.

WHO IS WONDERING if the game will come with a bonus section of content like 'making of' vids or a Kingdom Hearts III or FFVIIHD trailer? LoL I doubt it

galmi2538d ago

kinda looks better in ma memories

Unlimax2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Will sure it will be much better because the person who post those screenshots with gameplay is using PCSX2 With High Def system requirements that supports DirectX 10~11 even with that it looks slower .. Who knows maybe Square will do better than that !