Meet the stars in Skyrim

When you first play Skyrim it’s easy to spend hours to make the character like you want by customizing its body, color, cheeks and a lot more. So you can get the hero you want. So why not let someone else create a character for you.

This will save your time and you’ll get the best character, you want, the hero of your choice. Download any of these saved games for a pre-made characters. You can download these saved games from Fileplanet and some other gaming sites.

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DaThreats2391d ago

I was once a star like you...
until I took an arrow to the knee

NyGiants72391d ago

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I'm so proud of the N4G community

DeadManMcCarthy2391d ago

that article is stupid, that looks nothing like taylor swift it just looks like astrid.

and who the hell is ned luke? pretty sure they got the names wrong because ned luke is an actor in gta v.

gamingsquid2391d ago

Its Ned Stark not Ned Luke

DeadManMcCarthy2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

lol nice ninja edit on your site dude.

gamingsquid2391d ago

Its not the editing you read wrong

DeadManMcCarthy2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

nah you edited it ive even got a screenshot of it, ill glady upload it.

oh and remind me to never give your sites hits again. :)

Tjrocks7412390d ago

Nice! they all look almost exactly like the stars!