Week recap: PS3 misstep; Xbox 360 flat; Wii Fit

Capcom Co. this week said that it will fire the Devil May Cry 4 demo to Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3. The next installment of the supernatural franchise will be sold on Feb. 5.

Midway Games Inc. this week said that it will blast a new map pack for Stranglehold to the PS3. The download will include 10 additional multiplayer maps and new character skins. this week price cut Namco Bandai Inc.'s Time Crisis 4 for the PS3 to $69.99. The SKU includes the new Guncon 3 gun peripheral.

Wal-Mart stores this week offered a free $50 gift card with the purchase of a 40GB PS3 as part of a Secret In-Store Specials promotion. The 40GB PS3 retails for $399.

GameStop this week price cut Beowulf: The Game for the PS3 to $19.99. The title is based on the motion picture directed by Robert Zemeckis.

SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton told MSNBC this week that the biggest misstep in the release of the PS3 was the launch. this week price cut the title Lair for the PS3 to $39.99. The flight action game was released in Aug. to U.S. retailers.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 fell flat in Japan holiday sales. Total sales were well below rival consoles and handhelds for the week.

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wiizy3938d ago

ps3. never had a right step in the first place... nintendo keeps the innovation coming with wii fit casual or not

hotshot1273938d ago

say that to the 2 weeks in november it outsold the ]say that to the games that are starting to look better on ps3 or the games that are coming to the ps3 first (unreal)

say that to mgs4,god of war 3, little big planet.

your funny

BrianC62343938d ago

The Wii is garbage. PS3 all the way. Only non-serious gamers waste their time with the Wii. It's for casual gamers. Are you a casual gamer?

Skerj3938d ago

LMAO I can play Wii Fit without having a Wii dude, hey what's that? It's Outside!! What's that outside? OMG it's a GYM.

MK_Red3938d ago

Please... WiiFit is an innovation and a right step!?

ruibing3938d ago

The Wii Fit is basically an excuse for lazy kids to bargain with their parents for a Wii so they will exercise more. Rather than doing that, they might as well just buy any console and take a jog before dinner every night which will clear their head and rest their eyes.

BrianC62343938d ago

What a lame headline. PS3 misstep. There was one sentence about that. Mostly it's about game price drops. You PS3 hater losers can get lives already. I guess you have lots of free time since your Xbox 1.5 is in the shop. Bwahaha.

lessthanmarcus3938d ago

WiiFit will probably get boring faster than Wii Sports did. I'll put some money on it.

Panthers3938d ago

I dont think the Wii has done a single thing innovative. Not one. The controller is a joke. So is wiifit. The Wii needs to innovate where it matters, like online play and games with interesting stories. The Wii doesnt have a single game worth remembering after you have beatin it.

GIJeff3937d ago

But the PS2 ownz the Wii when it comes to motion controls. Eye toy anyone? If the people who like WiiFit even played Kinetic for PS2 they'd have an O in their pants. The PSEye for PS3 is even better than the origonal Eye Toy...

drewdrakes3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Youre all stupid. Stop crying because the Wii is beating the Ps3. And trying to demoralize Wii owners, and saying theyre casual gamers. I play about 5 hours a day on my gaming platforms, but casual. I have Zelda and Resident Evil 4, both being better then ANY game on the PS3. They ARE innovative and do bring something new to the table. Good luck with your no games and overpriced console.

This message wouldnt exist if you wouldnt attack other consoles because youre too jealous of what they have and what you dont. I dont even have Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime, and i know that both of those are innovative aswell.

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InMyOpinion3938d ago

I don't need Wii Fit since I'm fit as a mf. Wii Fat would have been more suiting name for it.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3938d ago

Wii Fat would be a perfect name for that.

InMyOpinion3938d ago

Wii Fat for Europe and Wii Obese for the U.S lol!

wiizy3938d ago

try making sense when you write something. ...its sold 15 million.. and its suppose to fade yet next year great games are coming....your fanboys are in for more disappointment...innovation always win...its easy look at the ds.. i'll keep repeating it....the psp is what a few times more powerful right...but ds caters to everyone and new gamers...same model as the wii and in the end the wii will end up with the best variety and most games just like the wether you accept it or not....its going to be a fact...

Skerj3938d ago

Best variety, and more games I'll give you that but those are relative. But how many of them are going to be GOOD? Seems so far the Wii has a crapton of games but the only ones worth playing are from Nintendo first parties seeing as everyone else views it as a money machine so they keep putting crap like Cruis'N and Anubis 2 on it. Same thing happened with the Gamecube man, Nintendo has a fairly strong first party lineup but that won't carry the machine forever.

BrianC62343938d ago

Are you a casual gamer? Only casual gamers would be caught dead with a Wii. I think you're eight years old. Is your mommy letting you use the computer today? That's nice.

KeiZka3938d ago

Skerj, PS2 and PS1 have also a crapload of more or less crappish games, and also excellent games. Why would Wii be any different?

And I still say, all of you had to start somewhere, as in casual gaming...

Skerj3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I won't even dispute the fact that the PS1 and PS2 had a ton of crappy ass games but to be honest ALL systems do. Where I think you missed my point is when I said it seems that only Nintendo is carrying the Wii gamewise. There are a few precious 3rd party gems (none of which I want until No More Heroes) but by and large it's first party Nintendo games where it looks like the devs genuinely wanted to make a good game instead of a quick cash in. You can't deny that the other systems trounce it in that aspect as the 3rd party games are some of if not the strongest out the system lineups.

So that's where the Wii is different, if the devs change up and take it seriously then I'll be on board. So far I only see 4 games that interest me that I haven't played elsewhere. Metroid Prime 3 is already out, No More Heroes, Eternity's Child, and Oboro Masamune Youtouden. If Monster Hunter 3 has online then I'll throw that one in as well.

Like I said, the same thing happened with the Gamecube. There were a handful of good 3rd party games and most of those ended up getting ported elsewhere. The first party Nintendo games are what stayed and if they keep on churning the same Mario Teaches Tax Evasion or whatever the hell they're doing next, it's not going to float. I hope they come out with some new IPs instead of playing it "safe" and rehashing the same franchises we've seen done to death. That's what is going to ultimately push this gen.

I've been a gamer since I was born, went to school for it, and made it a career I don't think I ever fell into the "casual" camp but I welcome them just the same as long as they don't cause the Atari effect.

Polluted3938d ago

@KeiZka: Not to be argumentative, but the majority of the people on this site who are over 20 definitely did not start with "casual" games. When I started playing games as a 5 year old on our Intelevision and later on our Sega Master System there was no such thing as "casual" gaming. Those games were bloody hard and they really only appealed to a very narrow audience. Try "Wonder Boy" sometime. You'll see what I mean. This casual gaming business is kind of a new thing.

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wiizy3938d ago

lol. whats that outside its a gym..but you're at home answering sony emails...i would be more impressed if you said hey i have a home gym or weights like i do or can get a wii and get some exercise..silly self...wii sucks you havent bought it and its still beating your favorite how much value does your opinion have... the ds is the best model. have games for everybody...cause you dont even know what the definition of hardcore gaming is..and i hope you dont say hardcore games means a game with guns in it.. i'll save you that embarassment..

jorellpogi3938d ago

You have points but PSP is way better than DS.

Sayai jin3938d ago

The Wii is a fun console. I own one. I play it with my family, but thats about it. We have a blast. After the kiddies are asleep I go down stais to my entertainment room. Where I have my orignal launch Xbox 360 and PS3; not to mention my 4 ARCADE games!!! Some say that if you have a Wii you are not a real gamer. Am I a non serious gamer? To me a ral gamer appreciates good games and hardware no matter what system they are on. Of course you can still have your favorite console, but still appreciate a great title.

Remember next gen is just not about graphics, but innovation, and the one and only "FUN" factor.

I will download the DMC demo on my PS3. Some of my live buddies are anxiously awaiting this demo on the 360.

BrianC62343938d ago

So I'm right, the Wii is for casual gamers and the kiddies. I'm far from a kid and not a casual gamer so no thanks for me. And I don't have kids. If I liked Nintendo games I might buy a Wii but they bore me so no thanks. I also don't like Nintendo's elitist attitude. People talk about Sony acting high and mighty. Right. They just know how to design a console to last for years. And they talk to the media. Nintendo locks themselves in their ivory tower and ignore everyone.

vidoardes3937d ago

The wii is not just for casuals and kiddies. You are clearly someone who hasn't taken the time to look at the games you can play on it. the 'hardcore' always go on about their retro consoles and retro gaming, and how it makes them cool to play their snes still. Guess what, you can do that on a wii. I own a wii and a PS3 and the wii gets just as much play time. Mario Galaxy is an extreamly addictive game and can be played by all ages. You can get to the end quite easily, so young gamers can play it, but there are plenty of difficult levels and challenges for the 'hardcore' as you like to call it.

You don't like Nintendo's elitist attitude? I don't like your attitude. You act like a jerk towards anyone who differs in opion to you, despite the fact that you are blinded by what you think is cool. Your so worried about what everyone thinks of your gaming choice that you forgot what gaming is about. FUN. Get it?

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