TeamXbox Best FPS of 2011

TeamXbox - The 2011 TeamXbox Games of the Year Awards are now entering their second week. We’ve developed a handy index that will link you to all of the other awards; also included is an even handier schedule so you can know exactly when your favorite award will be unveiled.

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Euthanasia782453d ago

Hmmmm. BF3 with its new frostbite 2 engine, physics, destructibility, animations, textures, partical effects or MW2.5 with its..........Well it's the same as MW1. Only difference is there is a 3 on the box.

Play2Win2453d ago

On PC MW3 looks pretty good and def. better than MW2. And CoD is simply CoD the way the fans want it to be. Of course BF3 looks better but some people still prefer CoD.

Euthanasia782453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

On PC everything looks better. Better hardware. Put BF against MW on PC and its not even close my friend. Not even close.

Play2Win2453d ago

Just like I said " looks better". I have both on PC. And I'm not your friend.

Fishy Fingers2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

If i were to pick the better game, I'd go with BF3, no doubt. But if I were talking purely from a 360 (or even console) point of view I'd be tempted to go for COD.

BF3 was pretty shoddy on console IMO, especially after going from the PC version, yes it looked a little better than MW3, but when its running at half the frame rate, thats expected. I'm sure it will get me disagrees, but more often than not, COD is my prefered console FPS purely because of the frame rate, I hate slow paced competitive FPS.

Given the option though, PC BF3, would be my FPS of the year.

ZILLA2453d ago

best grafix,sound and balance ive ever played,nothing else comes close(period)