AtomicGamer - Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel Review

AtomicGamer - In my Forza Motorsport 4 review, I might have said some mean things about Microsoft's latest peripheral, the Wireless Speed Wheel. Sure, it's better than a gamepad, but it's pretty expensive at sixty bucks, and I felt that, despite my limited time to play with it, this new accessory didn't do enough to reproduce the feel of driving to be worth it.

Going into this review, I still felt the same, but after getting sick of dragging out the force feedback wheel and having to repeatedly bring out a table into the middle of the living room to mount the thing on, I decided to give this new contraption a more serious look. So I spent $60, took it home, and fired up Forza 4.

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Agent_hitman2541d ago

lol that looks very tiring to use!.. Only kinect fanboys would want that sh!t, because it's wireless.. Period!

legreffer2541d ago

Not it's not tiring, it works fine with the arms resting on you, and it's light. For people like me who can't afford a $200 setup, it's way better than the regular controller.

dirthurts2541d ago

This doesn't even use Kinect.
Maybe it would be a good workout for you?
It's light and seems like it would actually work pretty well. I've been considering a purchase myself.