GTA 5 graphics and story depth vs. customization

Gaming In Entertainment writes: Customizing cars is not for everyone, and some players like to change cars every couple of minutes in GTA games, and point out that too much customization could be a bad thing. The idea of selecting a character as male or female is important to some people, although others feel it could ruin the story.

Then we have the players that rather see better graphic engines, and some decent storytelling that is both interesting and not the same rehashed story some players have seen for decades.

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danswayuk2535d ago

Looks like we might have to wait until the PS4 or Xbox 720 to get all the things we want.

DTUMan12535d ago

Regardless of this, there will still be people who will not be happy with the final product. Such is life I guess.

Ezio20482535d ago

sad but true!! :(

Anyways guys, we are here to enjoy this one hell of a masterpiece and I am sure Rockstar will again prove themselves with this game!!


danswayuk2534d ago

Although the key point is that most of us should be happy with it.

BitbyDeath2534d ago

Red Dead Redemption was really fun gameplay wise so hopefully they've learn't their lesson from GTAIV and will now leave out all the annoying stuff. (Mobile Phone, flying out your car window etc)

If they want to include all that then they will need to go the Uncharted route and go for a cinematic experience.

rattletop2534d ago

flying through the windshield was boring? :{

BitbyDeath2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I found it annoying, if he could just put on a seatbelt he wouldn't be flying headlong after every bump in the road.

B_Rian892533d ago

it wouldn't be so annoying if you didn't lose 99% of your health after the crash. I miss the health from the previous GTAs where you could fall from a building and survive

2533d ago