MTV Multiplayer - Review: 'Kung-Fu: High Impact'

MTV Multiplayer - There's a strain of game that I think I'll never quite "get," and it's the ones where players are allowed to see themselves in the game. I'm always curious about the appeal and whether there's a prolonged sense of pleasure at seeing oneself on the TV. Personally, I'd rather not—I have a healthy shame of my body and its occasionally lurching, often awkward movements.

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GribbleGrunger2458d ago

i thought this game was an exclusive to the PSeye?

Software_Lover2458d ago

Personally, I didn't know what the game was but I decided to download the demo (kinect) ...................HAD A F'N BLAST WITH MY WIFE AND KIDS. HILARIOUS.

Her favorite game is fruit ninja (kindle fire and kinect) but she wants me to buy this game, and I will. We as a gaming culture need to just sit back and have fun sometimes.

But as the review stated, you will need to take a break between chapters. I was exhausted just after the one chapter demo.