A Console Guide

Want a Next-Gen console for this Christmas, hears a guide to help you choose which console will satisfy you the most.

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aiphanes3755d ago

Hey has the prices wrong for the Xbox 360 Elite...its $449 not $399. And he has the prices for the premium 360 at $299 and it is $349..

BLUR1113755d ago

if i havent got a console by now i would go for the ps3 cause of 2008 lineup

kcdude3755d ago

Another thing I noticed is that I think the 360's 3 year warranty only applies to cases with the red ring of death.

TwissT3755d ago

I am absolutely getting a ps3 esspecially for Unreal Tournament 3

Slayer OP3755d ago

for gamers over the age of 12.

level 3603755d ago

Already got an XBox 360, so my next definite buy would be Sony's PS3.
Now that GranTurismo 5: Prologue on Blu-Ray disc is not far from it's
release date as well with their "rumble" sixaxis control pad which is
also out ( in Japan, but can be purchased on the net if you can't wait ).
Think the best time to buy would probably be mid-year 2008, when all
their other new games and peripherals comes together globally, and another possible reasonably priced bundle/budget deals.
Will wait till then...