GND-Tech: Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 Review

Another great review of Activision's Modern Warfare 3 on PC. This particular review features lots of awesome screen shots as well as a unique perspective of the popular FPS.

"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some call it the best game ever, some call it a Modern Warfare 2 map pack while others call it an expansion to a Call of Duty 4 Map Pack. Though the latter may be visually true, it's not all bad. MW3 offers a climatic end to the Modern Warfare series with a few improvements to the overall game quality."

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DonaldBeck2268d ago

good review, that it what i would give it.

EmperorDalek2268d ago

I'm guessing that you didn't even read the review. You're just another hater that like's to see COD getting a bad score. Just like most people on this site.

CoD5112268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I'd rate it higher if so much of the assets and code weren't recycled from previous games.

Enad2268d ago


We didn't give MW3 a bad score just to hate, the reason it got a 58 is because it's basically the same thing as MW2, only offering a new campaign. Also, we are not BF3 lovers or fanboys, our review for BF3 also got a relatively low score.

Euthanasia782268d ago ShowReplies(1)
scrambles2268d ago

The thing i find frustrating about CoD is they've been releasing the same game for years and get critical acclaim for being an amazing company with an amazing game but then other companies that spend millions and millions to be different and further the genre never get played cuz they're "not like CoD" because people are use to a game with almost no learning curve and easy to play. So any game that doesnt present itself like CoD will get booted by casual gamers. Making all these CoD clones pop up cuz they want CoD's fanbase, sinking the genre into a more stagnant state where we get less and less interesting games. This sorta thing happened with Halo a few years back when it was extremely popular. Games like battlefield are being casualized as well. It may not be as casual as CoD but its a whole 4 steps down from the complexity it use to have. If CoD continues to grow then more and more developers will continue to copy it until CoD just kills itself from lack of innovation and lazy developers.

EmperorDalek2268d ago

It's casual because it's easy to play? Pathetic. Truly pathetic. Notice how CoD is the only one to get bashed for this? It doesn't come across your mind when it comes to Uncharted, GTA, Mario, Gears, Half-life, God of war or many others does it? Why does it need to get bashed for this anyway? What, do you want it to take hours of getting used to just so you can be OK at it? Is that fun? NO. And before you inevitably say "but it should change since it sells well", each new game sells better than the last, which means it has a growing community of people that like the game for what it is, so why change it just because teh hardcorrzz want it to be more like Battlefield.

There's plenty of games that are different from the rest, even in the FPS genre, such as DX:HR and Bulletstorm.

Lex_Dangerously 2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I'm with you man. I don't, as a rule of thumb, reply to people with negative comments. But since I replied to your positive comment with a positive comment it's ok. Lol. I don't get people who claim that they want Cod to change drastically. Do you not play Uncharted for Uncharted? What if they decided to make Uncharted like Gears? Would you like it? No because you want Uncharted, you want CoD. People like it whether you approve or not. P.s. +bubbles

scrambles2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Its easy to play get bored fast due to low skill ceiling. Mario and the whole nintendo franchise died around the end of the N64 with a few redeeming games that wont save the franchise. Gears was the same thing through out the entire life cycle of the game but its over.i do bash uncharted for being a simon says QTE borefest with its only redeeming quality is good looks but for me thats worth nothing really as long as the game doesnt look like shit, GTA was original but its now getting hogged down by all the other ones that want to be GTA. Also look at CoD, it does something else most games could dream of doing. Reshaped an entire genre but once it did that Activision stopped doing anything to help it. They let it sit there and spoil with cheap gimmicks and add ons. Now everyone wants to be the next CoD4 but that costs lost of money. So they might try to draw crowds in with a gimmick of a CoD clone. Soon everyone is making CoD clones and driving the industry into a ditch where everything is boring and everything is modern style military shooters where u stare at chest walls while sucking on your thumb til all your bullet holes go away. If it continues, this will be one of those genres that follows the WoW effect.

Edit: the evil about cod is that is changing other games. i dont want my BF to be CoD. CoD died so long ago and i hope all fanboys will see it.

boredgunner2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

We never reviewed any of the games you just listed so what's your point in mentioning them? MW3 got a low score because the single player campaign is short and dull, the storyline is absurd, the multiplayer does not emphasize teamwork in any way and is designed to let anyone win with the streak/perk system (although this can be disabled I assume). It plays like an arcade game despite it being a war game, and the perks/streaks and terrible hit detection ruin any competition factor normally found in arcade games. So it's a horrible war game and a bad arcade shooter.

I assume you ignored the previous comment, which linked to our BF3 review. It got a 73/100.

slampunk2268d ago

What he said ^^^^^^

The more people that hate, the more chance we have of innovation within the genre.

I'm over the critical acclaim for what is basically the same game each year. Blops was the last straw for me. BF3 is the game to play.

ZILLA2268d ago

a review that is not one of the bandwagon jumper for this crap of a game.BF3...F T W

Euthanasia782268d ago

BF3 is to shooters as MW3 is to Boy Bands