When Will Sony Cut The Vita's Price?

Gamers are calling for a price cut already; will Sony respond? And if they do issue a price drop for the Vita, when will it be?

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zeal0us2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

More than likely some months afters February depending on sales figures, global and not just in one sector of the world. I highly doubt you would see a price cut before being fully release worldwide.

GribbleGrunger2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

yeah, i wanted a price cut immediately on release, in fact i wanted two price drops... with fries on the side. i demanded it!! well at least that's what this site suggests

killcycle2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

What the hell it just came out and these threads of "news" are getting approved already?

Kur02542d ago

Who are these "gamers" calling for a price cut. Everyone seems quite happy with the price it is now for what it offers. These sites don't stop do they? I expect a price drop of 50$ within 7-12 months.

LOGICWINS2542d ago

Errr...why are you getting defensive? You must be the first person I've ever encountered that is bothered by a possible price drop.

Hicken2540d ago

Why does the Vita NEED a price cut? No offense, but it's not the 3DS; it's actually worth the price it's set at right now.

But all you see is "Is the Vita failing?" Will the Vita release in the US?" "What Sony did wrong with the Vita."

Solid_Snake372541d ago

Actually, i like price cuts. However, the Vita probably costs alot to make.

MrWiggle2542d ago

Even if it lasts longer then the 3DS without them giving the handheld a price cut people will still have something to nitpick over.

I don't see why just because there was a price cut to the 3DS people are taking into account the new price of the 3DS and comparing it with the is that fair. A handheld which has been giving a price cut so soon after launch BECAUSE of the PSV to a handheld which is brand new to the market and hasn't even went global yet.

Seriously these doom and gloom articles are getting silly. Most people always say on here "You think everyone is out to get Sony"....I'm sorry but after a year which has been the best for us when Sony has been fully supportive of gamers, basicaly giving and giving and yet people still are hating on Sony....yeah I'm sorry but it really does seem like everyone is out to get them and hate on them for no reason. I actually understand now where people were coming from, it's becoming pretty obvious now, especialy hating on a system we were all praising at last years E3 before the 3DS's price cut.

We wanted a good price for the PSV, they listened, we got it. Isn't that good enough

dedicatedtogamers2542d ago

"Gamers are calling for a price cut"? Uhhhh, who?

One of the BIGGEST stories of E3 last year was the PS Vita price announcement. Most sites pegged the handheld at $350. The lowest of estimates were $300 (remember, this was also at the time when 3DS was also $250).

So, when it was announced that the non-3G Vita was only $250, people cheered. It was a big deal. Every gaming site was like "wow, Sony actually priced the Vita the same as the 3DS". And it forced Nintendo to drop the 3DS's $80. I don't see why the Vita now needs a price drop. Would I prefer to pay $200 or less for a Vita? Uh, sure, of course. However, this device was pegged at 350 or more, so the current price is more than fair.

LOGICWINS2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

"Uhhhh, who?"

These people.

Also, Sony isn't new to quick price drops. Plenty of PS fans on the net said that $600 for a PS3 was a good price....yet Sony dropped the PS3s price by $100 in less than a year.

Why would anyone believe that Vita will be any different....especially after its poor performance in Japan?

I know this is N4G...but may I instill some reality into the situation? The people at E3 who were cheering for the $250 price were well informed hardcore gamers that know they will be getting their bang for their buck.

Here's the problem...MOST gamers aren't well informed hardcore gamers. Hence, they don't understand that the tech within Vita is valued at over $1000. Vita is supposed to launch in the U.S next month and I have yet to see a single commercial out here in New York.

If you want a console to be MUST tap into the mainstream. So far, Sony hasn't done this. There aren't even any ads on AT&T's website for it.

I must be missing something because according to some of the people on this site, some sort of "sales magic" is supposed to occur when Vita comes to the States.

dedicatedtogamers2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

First of all, the fact that you consider Vita's performance in Japan "poor" is laughable right there.

Second of all...Xbox 360. Japanese sales are a great indicator of how the system will do worldwide, right?

Third, what do you mean by "tap into the mainstream"? PSP hardly "tapped into the mainstream" and has so far managed to sell 70 million and is still selling. I'm not saying a system shouldn't "tap into the mainstream". I mean, a console can certainly go the way of the NeoGeo or Saturn by being "too hardcore", but how much tapping does a console have to do?

May I instill some reality? The forum-dwellers you linked us to as proof of the gamers who are all clamoring for a price drop...yeah. You can't have it both ways.

Game4life2540d ago

idk if anyone realizes this but when the psp launched it was ALSO 250

Majin-vegeta2542d ago

Price drop or no price drop i'm getting this day one.

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