Top 11 Games You May Have Missed in 2011

Many great games (and some not so great) have appeared across all the systems this year, some launched with public frenzy or huge media campaigns (I'm not sure if anyone is unaware of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's release).

However some games don't have their own hype machine, and for every Uncharted there's an El Shaddai.

Here are 11 games you may have missed this year and should look out for if you need something in between those killer Skyrim or MW sessions. They might not be AAA but they are quality titles.

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yokokoroma2385d ago

There's no doubt that "El Shaddai" is a game that was both underrated and overlooked by many gamer's, when in fact the game is quite literally a masterpiece in it's own right!

YoungKingDoran2385d ago

finally finished infamous 2 last weekend.
SOLID GAME, really enjoyable

r212384d ago

true, alice wasnt perfect but for what it lacked in perfection, it excelled in art style, combat and just plain old good platforming fun :D

maniacmayhem2384d ago

El Shaddai is truly a beautiful game that should have gotten more attention by gamers.