Time Crisis 4: BC Gaming Review Scores 4/5

Time Crisis 4 features the same single player or co-op game play found in the arcades, but adds many exclusive features to make this a great addition to your PS3 library. Included are a slew of mini-games and Complete Mission mode, which is partially played First Person Shooter style - meaning sans rails. Even more gaming modes are unlocked once you complete Arcade and Complete Mission Mode, too. There is a lot in this home conversion.

The game comes packed with the new GunCon 3, which uses a LED sensor bar similar to the Wii, though more LEDs are used. Setup is simple; set the sensor bar on top of your TV set and plug it into one of the USB ports on the PS3. This GunCon was developed to work on a wide range of HDTV, so you should be set no matter what you have.

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resistance1003819d ago

Great game, so glad i imported it from america early