Is An All Digital Future A Communist Future?


"It is my God-given right as an American to detect any hint of subversion to our glorious capitalist way of life.

Ladies and gents, we are at the dawn of the Third Red Scare. As the war in the Middle East is downsized, with all American troops ‘officially’ out of Iraq (we’re still the life of the party in Afghanistan, because our economy depends on it!) soldiers, again, are coming home with ideologies that may differ from what the average American believes.

And yet, we are at an age where anyone can be a soldier without ever holding an actual rifle. The interactive medium has created a new breed of soldier, one which is ready to fight at any moment’s notice and defend their nation with as many petty insults as they can formulate.

Who could possibly be behind this? The corporations! Digital distribution is becoming an extremely prevalent topic, and it is causing us to spiral towards a bleak, communist future."

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BadCircuit2509d ago

Do all articles have to be boring and serious?

This one is so over the top that it almost loses its central message about digital distribution, but the message is an important one: should we go all digital?

dedicatedtogamers2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Despite the articles overly-serious (almost in a "not sure if srs" sort of way) tone...

...I agree.

Let's ignore what is going on currently with online/digital game libraries (like Steam) and just look at games in general.

Online passes are more and more prevalent. There is more DLC now than ever before, and it continues to get worse. On console, a digital copy of a game often costs just as much or more compared to the physical retail copy. DRM is becoming more common, even on consoles where you have to be online for such-and-such content to work, even in a single-player game.

The folks who keep shoveling "digital content is teh future" down our throats are the companies and tech nerds. You think that companies like EA and Activision are going to lighten up the noose if things went all-digital? Hahaha, no way. They want to kill the used market because they want to control your game even after you've bought it. No thanks. The only reason why digital downloads work on PC is because pirating is so widespread that publishers have to keep their prices low to at least get SOME sales.

Other than convenience, I can't think of many reasons why gaming should go all-digital. I like owning a physical copy because it means I own it.

BadCircuit2509d ago

Agreed dedicatedtogamers!

knifefight2509d ago

It keeps going that way because people keeping giving it their money -_-

I don't, but 10 million others do.

ChickeyCantor2509d ago

I don't think he knows that Communism means...

iamgoatman2509d ago

I don't think you know what 'that' means... :P

360ICE2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

"we’re still the life of the party in Afghanistan, because our economy depends on it!)"
Didn't know the American economy depended on spending trillions of dollars on and thousands of human lives... sort of thought that's where most of the debt came from.

The rest of the article feels shattered. It's funny and clever at times, but then again I'm not sure if the comparison to communism really works that well as "the evil corperations" are really a number of publishers, developers and companies that rely on each other as well as the consumer. They also have to obey international trading rules (because even the most "evil" corperations can't actually overthrow governments, even though they some times can have a scary amount of influence. They also live and die with their market.

So, thanks, but no thanks, semi-intellectual ironic article. Your warning is fair, but the general theme of the article seems unreflected from what I gather.

badkolo2509d ago

REALLY? corporations like exxon, mobil, and other corporations like them live and die with their market??, maybe burger king corp but not real corporations, those scum do as they please and will ruin you in the process.

SKUD2509d ago

The first two = Standard oil.

360ICE2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

While I doubt this article is about Exxon, BP and other more typically evil corporations, oil companies have been split up by governments before (as mentioned in the article) and they can be again under the sherman act. If people demand it, they can vote for a President willing to do so. Corporations also need to struggle with each other... and of course they live and die with the market. No market = no sales. Problem is that they sell product to which the demand is unhealthy high.

@That_Whore (?)
Yeah, exactly ;)

ATi_Elite2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

For the love of OIL!!!

Gotta have that trans middle eastern pipeline to sell oil and or Natural gas to eastern Europe cause right now the Soviets are getting all that money! Gasprom has the once broke Soviet Union back in the Money Game!

so join the military and make Exxon Mobile, Conoco Phillips, and Chevron billions and billions of dollars!!

The Stock Market lives and Dies by oil. The Big Three U.S. Oil companies make more cash than most countries. The prices of goods and services ALL depend on the price of Oil PERIOD

So the transition to Digital is slow and painful cause oil companies like everything as is, which is you buying gas or oil to make or move your product.

Perfect example the oil companies will pay you to NOT talk about electric trains, Solar Energy, and other Clean renewable energy sources such as Wind and Hydro-Electrical!

a Solar Energy grid in the Mojave desert could power the West coast permanently with no harm to the environment.

as far as this article...if a game is on my HDD I OWN it and i can play it with or without the Pubs servers cause there's always an APP for that!!!!

Tommykrem2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Iraq's GDP - their entire economy with all services and products taken into account over a year, is worth a little bit above a hundred billion. Their entire economy. Now, oil is naturally not their entire economy, they have other products and services to including schools, hospitals, you name it. The vast majority of the oil is also off-limits to American companies. estimated cost of the Iraq war has been a little less than a trillion. Or a billion times 1000.

Something doesn't completely add up when you suggest that the US invaded Iraq for the oil. It could have been a motive, but unlikely a decisive one.

BattleTorn2509d ago

I don't even have a comment for this.

bobrea2509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


Oh wow.

I haven't laughed at an article title this long in a very long time. I'm not even clicking to the article.

vyke32509d ago

You should. This article is hilarious.

badz1492509d ago

ok, NOW I have to click on it to see what's too hilarious about it!

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