PSP Action Games To Play While You Wait For The PS Vita

PSLS: There are a number of games on the PSP that are worth your time, so we’re going to run down the best games in the platform’s best genres over the next couple of days. PSLS’re starting things off with what is probably the most popular – the Action Genre.

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ftwrthtx2536d ago

I actually prefer playing Peace Walker on the PSP versus playing the HD collection on the PS3. The GoW Origins collection is fun either way.

stormeagle62536d ago

Why is this? The HD collection runs on PSN and is so much more convenient for playing with others.

ftwrthtx2535d ago

The game just feels better to me on the PSP. I have played solo all the way so I haven't needed anyone's assistance yet.

knifefight2536d ago

The PSP is a rad system. Too underrated by the West :(

Snookies122536d ago

Yes it is my friend, I loved my PSP to death... Had so many amazing games with such a beautiful screen. Not to mention playing PS1 classics on it, felt so awesome for some reason haha.

resistance1002536d ago

Been PSP-less for a fair few years now but will be downloading some of these once i've got the Vita.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Resistance: Retribution being top of the list.

Anyone recomend any other PSP games which i've missed out on in recent years?

Akiba962536d ago

God of War Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus are both gems. Ive also heard great things about Patapon and Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Snookies122536d ago

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, if you're into the series was fantastic! Though most fans of the series that had a PSP would have already played it I'm sure lol.

DarkBlood2536d ago

if its the same price id probably wait for the metal gear solid hd collection if i were you since you would pratically get an upgraded portable version on a better portable device lol

TheDivine2536d ago

Syphon Filter. Forgot the 2 subtitles but they are top notch and from the guys who made resistance retribution and uncharted for vita. Also get portable ops if you like mgs. I liked it because it had crawling and human bosses which PW lacked. Crisis core, gow, kingdom hearts, socom fireteam bravo i think (the newest one), the newest jak and daxter, and really the more i think the more games i remember lol. All of those are great and action-y type games.

LostTokens2536d ago

If you didn't play it on PS2 already, Persona 3 Portable is a blasty-blast, and if you didn't play it on PSOne then the upgraded Lunar is damn pretty.

resistance1002535d ago

Cheers guy's you can all have a bubble. Will look into some of those :)

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urwifeminder2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

I enjoy my psp just got one but old big hands can only play 15 minutes bad hand cramps,i think its made for child or asian hands a friend said to get the ps controller adapter makes it more comfy i will have to look into it if i want to be able to play.Ill get the vita in a few years as psp is new to me.

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