GameNTrain: Star Wars the Old Republic Review – Not a WOW Clone

GameNTrain: The Star Wars series has had another game released to the public and so far I’m enjoying it. Well, except the initial 5 to 10 levels where I have to deal with the “WoW clone” trolls. So this is dedicated to those who could be called trolls and to those who don’t actually play past level 1-3 because the trolls have convinced them to give up playing the game.

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burgerman2146d ago

So having an MMORPG that isn't a WoW clone now justifies it enough that it's good enough to play? Please...

Mutley4162146d ago

sorry wow but the game careful the dark side surrounds all...

Tarmgar2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I was told to avoid this game because people said it's basically a single player, story driven game with a monthly online fee with PvP just thrown in there. Can I get some clarification?