Sly Cooper Site Offers Clues About The Upcoming Thieves In Time

The website offers some hints about where and when Sly and his gang will travel in the next installment.

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Abash2514d ago

Very happy they're hinting to a Paris level, loved the one in Sly 2

aPerson2514d ago

This is easily one of my most anticipated games of 2012

StevenVlzqz32514d ago

Old news is old...
Can't wait for sly none the less.

hotrider122514d ago

most anticipated games of 2012 come on 2012!!

r212514d ago

are the clue bottles back in the fourth installment?

Electroshocked2514d ago

Yeah, when you unlock that Sly 4 teaser in The Sly Trilogy, you can see one or two obvious clue bottles in it.

r212514d ago

sweet, i missed finding them in sly 3 :D