Does “Call Of Duty” Ad Really Demean True Combat?

GxC: "An American veteran of combat in Afghanistan has taken his sensitivities to The Atlantic regarding how Activision/Square Enix have recently marketed Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Red Planet Noir Novelist and former Army Special Operations paratrooper D.B. Grady believes that a recent slam-bang ad campaign featuring Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington 'trivializes and satirizes war to an extreme, setting a new low.' "

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scark922422d ago

The Entire franchise is Satire compared to Real War.. But its an game.. But the guy deserves his say..

Fylus2422d ago

Exactly. I personally have a lot of respect for our soldiers but even so, I don't need his opinion to see that the commercial is garbage.

monkeybizz2422d ago

Why is square enix mentioned ? So called journalism nowadays.

Commodore2422d ago

CoD4 without a doubt came as close to a real war that I've ever seen. Then they got too futuristic and out of hand with Russia invading. They forgot to mention the whole nuke thing.