PixelJumpers' Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

"2011 is in the books and 2012 has finally arrived and while to some that might signify the beginning of the end, to us it just signifies another year of fantastic gaming. So without further ado, here are our personal picks for the most anticipated games of 2012. Looks like it will be another wallet draining year!" PXJ Staff

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Majin-vegeta2386d ago

There's only two games im anxious to get and have been waiting for them for ever.

1.Twisted Metal
2.The Last Guardian

NovaXz2386d ago

Solid choices, although the status of The Last Guardian has me worried that it won't make a 2012 release. Crossing fingers...

urwifeminder2385d ago

Im keen for colonial marines ,halo 4 and mass effect ill be playing bf3 most of the year me thinks.

maniacmayhem2384d ago

Mass Effect 3 will be all sorts of epic.
Can't wait for the new Bioshock also.