God Of War IV Is On Orchestrator’s Resume

Timothy Williams is a famous Orchestrator that has worked on such projects as: Conan the Barbarian (the 2011 film), Rise of the Argonauts, and the new video game God Of War IV.

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Majin-vegeta2451d ago

Me like can't wait for GOWIV whenever it comes out.

Commander_TK2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I can really. Leave GOW for the 8th gen. We need more new games, and less sequels.

BluEx6102451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I always welcome more new IP's, but some games must have sequels, like GTA, MGS, UC etc. God of War III engine is amazing, would be a waste of resources to not produce another game with that.

Upcoming PS3 exclusives :
The Last Guardian
The Last of Us
Twisted Metal
Ni No Kuni
Sly Cooper TiT
MLB the Show
God of War IV*
Sony Title Fight*

With Vita along the way, and multiplats like MGR Revengeance, Resident Evil OR, Bioshock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Mass Effect 3,Hitman Absoltion, Ninja Gaiden 3, GTA V, FF XIII-2, Sony has plenty going on for 2012.

TheLastGuardian2451d ago

Don't forget, we're gettting the Jak & Daxter Collection this year also.

Ahhh, it's gonna be another great year for PS3 exclusives.

Convas2451d ago

Man, GOW IV has to be one of Sony's worst kept secrets. Absolutely no one will be even remotely surprised when it's announced officially.

Majin-vegeta2451d ago

*Absolutely no one will be even remotely surprised when it's announced officially.*

Kinda of a bold statement to make don't you think??Not everyone goes on to the internet and reads about video game news there will still be quite a large margin of people who will be surprised when it's announced.

mafiahajeri2451d ago

Exactly!! I hate when people think they speak for the whole gaming community. Believe it or not casual gamers are the majority and even alot of harcore gamers dont follow on EVERY single article on N4G.

On topic more GOW is alaways a good thing people who want something new by LBP and make your own game!!

admiralvic2451d ago

I thought we hit the point where just about every game that has enough sales and is part of series will get another title.

I mean with news or without news... would anyone be surprised at Uncharted 4 being announced or God of War IV or even Littlebigplanet 3?

blumatt2451d ago

Actually, I hope they wait until the PS4 launches to make LBP3 a launch title.

But yeah, I'd say only 10% of gamers actually come on these forums and know about games being "leaked". So, there will definitely still be plenty of people who are surprised.

Optical_Matrix2451d ago

I'll be surprised in as much as, god knows how they're going to continue the franchise with the main character supposedly dead. Will be interesting. E3 2012 will be a good'un.

DasBunker2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

E3 2012 announcement with a release early 2013? would be good.. but please dooont let it be a prequel

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MultiConsoleGamer2451d ago

With a resume like that its no wonder his video game scores always sound so powerful and cinematic.

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The story is too old to be commented.