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"While Sonic was great on the Genny, he was better on the extension that was the pre-doomed Sega CD. This is why few people know how awesome Sonic CD actually was: Everything that made Sonic great was made better, with sharper graphics, less tearing and pixilated glitching, absolutely no slowdown anywhere to be found, and a CD soundtrack to rival any game of the generation. But that was 1994, and this is now. The question is, does any of it hold up?" - Kevin Schaller

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insertcoin2485d ago

Don't pass this up! Sonic CD is actually one of the good ones!

MultiConsoleGamer2485d ago

Sonic CD will always be my favorite game in the series.

cervantes2402485d ago

Sounds like they did a great job with the PSN/XBLA version. Good news for Sonic fans!