SFX-360's Sony Playstation 3D Display Review

Stoney says:

"Over the past coupe of years, Sony has been attempting to expand its Playstation branding. This expansion seems to be appropriate in target as the gadgets seem to be designed for your typical gamer den (ie: bedroom/dorm rooms). First there was the Playstation Soundbar geared to give full sound to small TVs in small rooms. Now Sony has decided to brand its own small TV (well technically a display) in the Sony Playstation 3D Display..."

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blumatt2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I think it's awesome what it does, but the fact is it really would have been nice if they made it around 32" or so. Hell a 40" 3DTV like this with the SimulView for around $800 would sell like crazy.

Size definitely seems to be the thing that has hindered its sales, so maybe Sony will up the size to 32" or so in the next model.

aDDicteD2421d ago

yup i'll certainly buy that one when a much bigger comes

Dojan1232421d ago

Good read. I want one but the glare scares me. I game in a bright room.

Stoneyguy2420d ago

Thanks. I would certainly hesitate purchasing this display for a well lit room.

specialguest2421d ago

The screen size is the issue in my opinion. 24" is nice for PC gaming, but the problem is that no one plays console games sitting a foot away from their screen.

dougr2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

True and all, but I will say that playing PS3 on a monitor as opposed to an HDTV is quite beneficial. I have the Samsung 46" LED UND6400 television and a Samsung PX2370 monitor which I would consider high end for both monitor and television for there respective sizes and the Input lag on a monitor is so much less than an HDTV. Granted the HDTV has 3d, but for normal gaming I always used the monitor because of the input lag. There are obvious quality differences as the PX2370 has awful off-angle picture as opposed to the 6400, but the picture quality on angle is just as good on the monitor as it is on the television. I don't know what the input lag is like for this Sony monitor, but if it is anything close to as good as the PX2370, then there are real benefits to monitor gaming even for console users only.

BTW a 24" screen you can sit about 3 feet away and see perfectly which is what I do.

AznGaara2421d ago

"no one plays console games sitting a foot away from their screen."

Looks like someone doesn't watch MLG or any fighting game tournament. Though your right, the majority of console owners play on a bigger TV but not every single one of them play on TVs. Its all about preferences so unless you know every console owner ever, you can't say that "no one" plays on monitors.

specialguest2421d ago

I didn't know I had to say "in general" or something similar to get to point out that a large majority of console players don't play on monitors.

Don't be a smartass. You knew exactly what I meant.

Ultr2420d ago

well I do ^^ I have a 24" screen right next to my bed :) and that is the place where I play my ps3 the most.
even though, I understand the need for a bigger TV

Dojan1232421d ago

I share my monitor for PC and PS3 due to the room size I game in. Some times I hook up my PS3 to my 42 in another room.. I can game fine either way. Since I am mostly a PC gamer I am use to the play style sitting 2 or less to the monitor.

badkolo2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I bought this 2 weeks ago and am loving every minute, im using it as my main monitor, got my gtx 570 working on it with 3dtvplay after using a modded inf file.

then i moved my ps3 next to my pc so it serves 2 purposes, gaming on both pc and ps3 and as my main monitor for the pc, works like a charm, none of the issues this article mentioned and the ghosting was so minimal for me i barely noticed and wasnt happening across the board with all games and movies, the picture is amazing, works as a monitor flawlessly, for 299 with a game, glasses and hdmi, this is a steal plain and simple.

ok i will agree with one thing, you cant tilt it down and that was annoying but not a deal breaker, it does tilt upwards but i dont need .

Stoneyguy2420d ago

I'm glad you haven't experienced some of the same issues I dealt with. Overall, I am pleased with the display.

I had never really thought about using it for 3DTV Play. That's something I'm going to have to look into.

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