Author of SkyBoost claims that Bethesda has no interest in boosting/fixing the PC version of Skyrim

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, we informed you about the latest version of SkyBoost, a CPU performance optimization mod that is based on Arisu’s TESV Acceleration Layer. After the findings of Arisu, we were hoping that Bethesda would acknowledged and fix it in a future patch. Apparently, that’s not the case as Alexander Blade, author of SkyBoost, claimed that Bethesda has no interest in boosting the PC version of Skyrim."

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MrWiggle2455d ago

No offense guys but if this is true and you also have the PS3 version aswell to think about....this is the studio we picked as the winner for Studio of the Year and the game it's self "Game of the Year".

We could of picked Valve or NaughtyDog since they always produce quality games and are quick enough to patch them if there is any problems. I never understood how even though after the bug problems with Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas for example they wouldn't learn from their mistakes....yet still win an award like that even though it should of went to a studio who can produce quality like games. I;m not saying the game is crap or Bethesda is a crap developer...just it's amazing how hype can win a studio such awards when they don't deserve them.

Plus the PC version was supposed to get Bethesdas full attention while in development.

RememberThe3572455d ago

I completely agree. They should have never won studio of the year. But that was from Spike, so it really doesn't mean much.

MsclMexican2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Agreed... when I saw Bethesda winning studio of the year in 2011..... I was pissed the hell off

I mean really....when a torrent of the game works better than the PS3 version... you know thats BS...

Does a studio of the year require patches to fix problems that their patches made? Don't think so.

This is a real patch....

Sure... I look like a fanboy, but no one can deny this is a great patch because it fixed the problems and complaints that fans had, and also added things the fans wanted. (cutscene viewer and toggle aim settings)

The upcoming map creator patch for Portal 2? Thats amazing.

Bethesda patches? The most frustrating things to deal with. After skyrim, I don't want to waste my money or time with this nonsense Bethesda keeps pulling.

Seriously "fixes backwards flying dragons?"

Studio of the year.... not sure if I should laugh or cry... or some weird combination of both, because it is by far the gaming publications and our greatest failure this year, boosting their egos by publishing un finished games and letting it slide because "there is so much content"....

You know what?

I think Im going to go cry in a corner now

hiredhelp2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Problem is there also with ID look what happen there game (Rage) was made for consoles didnt give hardly any pc support. Sure we finally got driver support but im wondering whos pulling the strings?
ID,bethesda or microsoft. Before you disagree think about it thats all im saying, im just glad we have awsome modders out there.

john22455d ago

Still waiting for the PC patch that Carmack promised and would supposedly offer a filtering option for the game's textures

fossilfern2455d ago

Is there going to be a high res texture pack ? Some of the textures looks awful

john22455d ago

@fossilfern: Doubt it. The rumored uncompressed high-quality texture pack will never see the light of day

jthamind2455d ago

the PC support (or lack thereof) for Rage is the sole reason i haven't bought it yet, and might never buy it. every time i think about giving it a shot, i keep remembering how it's basically a console port with no real emphasis on the PC.

StayStatic2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

"By the way Beth have no interest in boosting pc version of Skyrim , I won’t say who is the source of this info , but thats how it is"

A little too vague imo , but overall worrying to say the least. No point jumping to conclusions though.

Then again if they are working on the Steam Workshop for Skyrim won't everyone just install the fix anyways , just allows Bethesda to slack off i suppose =/

john22454d ago

The problem here is that both SkyBoost and TESV Acceleration Layer are not perfect solutions. There are good workarounds, but the game would benefit from some proper optimization from Bethesda

aPerson2455d ago

If this is true, then it's the last time I ever purchase from them. I'll pirate their games from now on.

DwightOwen2454d ago

Thank you for doing your little bit to ruin PC gaming.

aPerson2454d ago

I purchase all of my PC games on Steam. Steam is cheap enough, I don't really need to pirate games unless they're almost impossible to find at retail or unavailable on Steam.

However, I'm not going to support Bethesda any longer if they can't be bothered fixing issues that should not exist in the first place.

If people keep blindly paying Bethesda for their lazy, half-arsed console ports, they're going to continue to release unfinished games. They don't care, so long as they're making a profit.

For me it's quite simple... I won't give them my money until they give me a reason to.

HarryMasonHerpderp2455d ago

Ugh! probably waiting for their loyal fanbase to do it for them >_<

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