Making games into films, Films into games

Luke says:

"What is strange is that one way, works better than the other, as we have seen over the years. When a game is made into a film, it does at times work but when its the other way around the results can be distastrous. I will share my opinion of good and bad examples of this.

Lets start with the bad as I always like to finish an article positive. Max Payne, the highly popular video game was inevitably going to be turned into Hollywood film, it did so with Mark Wahlberg as the the tragic hero. Now this wasn’t really an acting challenge as all he had to do for the character was to talk in a low voice with zero emotion, achievement = 100g. I really wasn’t expecting much when I went to see it, so I wasn’t bothered when it did turn out to be a steaming pile. I don’t even think the writers knew what the film was about, it was just a mess. The reason I was concerned was because Mark Wahlberg, for a while, was to be Nathan Drake in the Uncharted film. I thank the gods of Hollywood that this will no longer be the case, I also pray to them that Nathan Fillion gets the role."

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ThichQuangDuck2421d ago

I love the idea of movie games ,but when they go hollywood they change the concepts of the original property. Think about major changes to Watchmen although that was a graphic novel. I know there has been talks about a Biohsock movie but the director wanted to wait til he could do it right and with enough money. I know movie rights have been acquired to major titles like shadow of colossus, Mortal Kombat(Reboot) and Halo. At the end of the day gamers would love to see them in film, but do not want to see them if they cannot be done correctly.