The Multiplayer Mode God of War IV Needs writes, "God of War is one of the rare series that you just constantly want more. The story, combat, and characters within the series are all memorable and deliver a great experience. In a world where few games really deserve that $60 price tag, the God of War series seems to always deliver."

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Colwyn2416d ago

god of war 4 should be on the ps4 with co op being seperate from the main campaign.

DasBunker2415d ago

yep it should be like just separate short quests that expand the story.. dont know how it was in ninja gaiden S2 but perhaps it could be like that... but in the SP NOOO plox

DonaldBeck2416d ago

they should make multiplayer like doing challenges and comparing them to other peoples scores.

49erguy2416d ago

God of War is an excellent SP experience and of all the game play additions MP is the last thing I want (not saying I don't want it but I think there are other cool additions that matter more). I want a longer SP with new GP elements and a much deeper story. It would be nice to see inside Kratos' head beyond the angry exterior.


Kratos is dead. He killed himself after he killed everything that ever existed! Get over it already.

DasBunker2415d ago

strong spoilers phaggot.

it was all a dream.. kratos took a nap on gaia.. the end is near


If you haven't played the game by now, what rock are you under.

MattyG2415d ago

I hope these rumors are wrong. GoW has always been about an epic SP. co-op seems like it'll ruin it. if anything the mp should be like bulletstorms echoes mode.

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