New Huxley screens

Webzen has released some new screenshots of Huxley, the upcoming Unreal Engine 3 powered MMO first person shooter for Xbox 360 and PC.

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skynidas3822d ago

Graphics looks good but Unreal Tournament 3 looks better IMO.

Lex Luthor3822d ago

But UT3 isn't an online RPG.

Lex Luthor3822d ago

But UT3 isn't an MMOFPS with 100v100 players online.

Odion3822d ago

oh well you know what is an MMO, were hundreds if not thousands of people play together in the same open world while UT3 is freaking arena shooter!

green3822d ago

Its entering closed beta testing this coming week.So there is still enough time to add a bit more graphical polish.
From what i see already it looks great.Cant wait for this MMOFPS with over hundreds of players.

iceice1233822d ago

So they can't really have great graphics. But looks good for that amount of action that will be happening.

sonarus3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

its an mmo plus unreal tournament is handled by epic the masterminds of unreal engine. I cnt believe this is another shooter though. 1 of my friends who got a ps3 was complaining why are there so many fps's. He bought heavenly sword and resistance and he is looking forward to lost planet lol. only reason he bought a ps3 was for mgs and god of war. It really sucks that shooters are essentially dominating this gen. i could handle the occassional shooter on ps2 but everywhere i look there isa shooter. blacksite, time shift, orangebox(5 shooters in 1), unreal tournament. Its not like i hate shooters personally but devs need to chill with the shooters

green3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Well if you remember the PS1 era it was mostly populated with beatem ups.If this was just another FPS i would definitely complain because i am getting a bit tired of FPS, but its a MMOFPS,so for me thats highly welcomed.
There are other games coming out next year that are not FPS on the 360 next year
And even the 1st person shooters announced so far seem to be all different or trying to offer something new

Double-Edged3822d ago

I can't wait for the 360 line up.

It's gonna fill single player / campaign spot


sonarus3822d ago

yea it prob was. the only games on that line up am looking forward too are probably banjo and ninja gaiden. also looking forward to left 4 dead a zombie fps should be pretty interesting. alan wake cnt really be siked for it till i see gameplay. too human too be honest looks lame to me. not really into mmo's so doubt i'll be getting the fps mmo's. seriousl looking forward to banjo i really loved the old 1's on N64. i played sigma on ps3 and really liked it so i jst gotta get gaiden 2.

ASSASSYN 36o3822d ago

I admit there are a lot of fps but Huxley was announced a long time ago before you ever heard of time crisis and cod 4 for this gen. It is a game that has been in development and closed beta for a while.

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The story is too old to be commented.