Five Genres That Have Been Lacking This Generation

While we’ve seen plenty of first-person shooters and action games in the past few years, there are a few genres that seem to have dropped off the map. So what is it that this generation has been missing? - PSLS

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JonnyBigBoss2538d ago

I'm dying for a snowboarding game right now. SSX can't come soon enough.

antz11042537d ago

SSX was awesome.

Id like even a good Tony Hawk reminiscent of the originals. The first couple were really good.

Marquis_de_Sade2537d ago

I would prefer a new Amped game in the vein of 1 and 2 as opposed to the slightly mad 3rd iteration.

NukaCola2537d ago


I had the first Amped on Xbox. It was my favotire snowboarding game since Cool Boarders too. I never played the 3rd one but I heard it just wasn't the same. Oh man, how a really high def down hill snowboarding game with realistic physics would be so sweet.

Marquis_de_Sade2536d ago

Yea, I have find memories of Amped 1 and 2, especially the latter with multiplayer, just jamming freestyle. So good, so so good.

cervantes2402538d ago

I would love to see more stealth games and JRPGs on consoles this generation. I'm a big fan of both of those genres.

iamtehpwn2537d ago

Has anyone else wondered what it'd be like to see a Western Studio take on the JRPG? I've always wanted to see something like that. The original worlds, characters, stories and colorfulness of a JRPG with the open ended and freedom giving designs of a Western RPG--it could be incredible.

ABizzel12537d ago


I don't know why you said no, it can't be any worse than what Japan has been producing.

Soldierone2537d ago

To be honest I love the JRPG style and some JRPG's are extremely awesome (like Disgea) but overall I think a lot of them are following a template and I agree with you. I mean static characters with absolutely no animation's during long "cutscene" dialogue? and stereotypical gameplay.

If they had that "twist" of a western developer making it I think it would be healthy for a lot of franchises. Not just to simply change the feel, but to make them more readily available to a larger audience as well. Of course by doing this you also have to keep the same level of quality or better, anything less and the "fans" will just destroy it by talking bad.

Persistantthug2537d ago

But who would you want to see team up, just out of curiosity?

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Kahvipannu2537d ago

I would suggest trying Lost Odyssey, by far my favourite JRPG this gen, but not many actually played the game...

Matrix2k2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

The number 1 is so retarded I cant even begin
1) Theres more jrpgs on consoles than any other type of rpg, and portables ( including ios) its not even close
2) Overall theres more japanese rpgs this gen than any other. Thats a fact, with the same high level of quality
"Where’s this generation’s Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, or Dark Cloud 2? '
Radiant historia, ff 4 warriors of light/revant wings, tactics 2, crisis core, type zero or d' arc inazuma eleven, nino kuni.
Ive been playing more japanese rpgs this year than almost any other gungir, valkyria 3, disgaea 4, dragon quest vi, dq joker 2, and so many more. Its been unbelievable.
To say theres more western rpgs on consoles than japanese is false especially when you take into account the dozens of exclusives on the wii, a system alot more popular than the ps3 or 360 ( as are the handhelds)

"As a result, most, if not all, of the noteworthy RPGs on the PlayStation 3 are either Western RPGs like Mass Effect, or Action RPGs like Dark Souls. "

dark souls is a japanese rpg dude. You mean disgaea 3 and 4 werent on the ps3? You mean final fantasy 13 and star ocean 4 werent on the ps3? You mean 3 tales games werent on the ps3?

People need an rpg education



Stealth2k2538d ago

Disagreeing doesnt make facts, any less facts.

Even this year the new games started right in the first 2 weeks of january

knifefight2537d ago

The tact wasn't exactly my style, but I can understand this man's frustration, and I agree completely with his point.

"No JRPGs this gen" is something people say when they don't know the genre very well.

Hicken2537d ago

To be fair, MOST of the best ones have been on handhelds, but there have been some true gems on consoles this generation.

The biggest standouts- to me- on each system are Valkyria Chronicles, Lost Odyssey, and Xenoblade Chronicles. There are plenty of others that were enjoyable, too. However, JRPGS just aren't as popular this gen as last. Or, more specifically, they've been overshadowed by the FPS.

I don't think it's a matter of there not being enough, but rather that they're not getting the exposure they would have seen last generation.

Matrix2k2537d ago


To be fair its irrelevant they are on handhelds.

"However, JRPGS just aren't as popular this gen as last. Or, more specifically, they've been overshadowed by the FPS."

This is a big fact lie. rpgs where NEVER that popular in the states, action games were always more popular.

This gen we are seeing more rpgs from past gens, given new life in this gen, because rpgs have increased in popularity

You think star ocean 1, shiren, or dragon quest vi would of gotten localized in any other gen? I think not

Drake1172537d ago

Its not really a matter of not enough JRPGS are being made its a matter of most of them sucking. Fact.

Oaklnd2538d ago

some new twisted metal wouldnt hurt

Lavalamp2538d ago

My kingdom for a Tenchu project backed by a decent budget.

Snookies122538d ago

Ah god yes... Please... Tenchu!!! A real big budget Tenchu game would be so amazing...

specialguest2537d ago

I wish Tenchu would make a return and back to its former glory. We need a true ninja game that involves stealth, trickery, and feudal Japan weaponry & "magic". More than the fancy hack and slash of Ninja Gaiden.

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