New Silent Hill V Gameplay Trailer on GamePro DVD

The latest issue of GamePro contains a DVD which has some new game play of Silent Hill V showing some new game play of the town.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3937d ago

One of my most anticipated games due out. I like the fact that they are headed back to the roots of SH2.

Baba19063937d ago

looks reall god. im glad they are going classic silent hill again. im very excited about the new fighting system. hope it rocks.

Neoninja3937d ago

Love the silent hills. My favorite one is part four, but the nuttest one imo is part 2. This looks like its going to have familar death is around every corner feel. Should be good.

lynx1halo3937d ago

this game does seem to play rather smoothly but ive got to say the graphics arent up to the level i had expected for their Next Gen Effort

TheExecutive3937d ago

LOVE SilentHill. Cant state that enough, I cant wait for 5!

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The story is too old to be commented.