Steam Reaches 5 Million Concurrent Users

Steam Reaches 5 Million Concurrent Users

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fluffydelusions2457d ago

It's actually 4,916,000 as of now =\

StayStatic2457d ago

Try out the new link fluffy :)

darthv722456d ago

I first became a steam member when it came with HL2 and it was nothing like it is now. I didnt even know they offered achievements and such. When did that happen?

I hadnt gamed on my PC since the 360 came out and continued that trend when the ps3 came out. It became more of a chore to ensure my pc had what it took to play the game where as with a console being a closed system you knew the game would play the same as the next guy's ps3/360.

I did hop back onto steam to redeem a gift of torchlight a friend sent me. That is a fun game. Good job valve for making steam what it is today as well as new ideas as time progresses.

StayStatic2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )


I'm not entirly sure of the exact time the steam achievements came around , but i do remember them appearing in Half-Life : Episode 2 which came out on 10th October 2007.

Seems Valve have also implemeneted them into Half life 2 and Episode 1 aswell , but i think that was at a later date.

MariaHelFutura2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

I don't game on the CPU, but I've heard great things about steam.

ATi_Elite2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Just a few months ago Steam reached 3.5 million. Then a few weeks ago it seems Steam reached 4 million.

....and now the impressive 5 million mark! Congrats to steam on another milestone reached!

Football Manager 2012 is a huge seller and has been beating MW3 PC daily! Although the editor thought it was "bizarre" it just goes to show you the difference in taste of games of PC Gamers to Consolers and when DotA 2 gets released it might surpass Skyrim!

C-ya all at the 6 million party!

CynicalVision2456d ago

Very impressive, I also decided to join a few weeks ago and I really like it.

meowthemouse2456d ago

Other than the crappy support steam is "almost" perfect, after purchasing Sega complete pack now I own 600+ games.

Kurylo3d2456d ago

so crappy they pretty much give u refunds no questions asked ... ;)

WayneKerr2456d ago

The PSN has 80million users

Perjoss2456d ago

I wonder how many of those are duplicate accounts so EU users can browse the US and JP store and vice versa.

xruiner892456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Concurrent means all online at the same time. Not amount of users altogether. And PSN is a little different to Steam, PSN is required on a PS3 if you're online. On PC, Steam is a choice.

meowthemouse2456d ago

"Steam Reaches 5 Million Concurrent Users"
Steam users were over 25M 2 years ago, this number probably increased by a lot by now.

Kamikaze1352456d ago

I'm sure that includes the account of people who no longer use their PS3 as well, lololol.

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