Batman: Arkham City - PhysX FPS boost in DX11 and DX9 with custom apex.dll

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is a great find. Guru3D’s user ‘gerardfraser’ decided to try Mafia 2′s apex.dll file and see whether or not he could gain any performance boost with it in Batman: Arkham City. Apparently, there is a nice performance jump as the user witnessed a 20fps boost from using this apex.dll file. In other words, this is a must-have file for those that wanted some of the PhysX effects, but were put off by its atrocious performance."

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TABSF2542d ago

Got to love the PC community

They fixed Skyrim for Bethesda
Now Batman for Rock steady

Theo11302542d ago

Yeah I just tried it, finally it's not microstuttering on max.

john22542d ago

Although it's now playable, some effects are missing. Obviously, this is why it's running better