Tomb Raider, new details from the UK magazine Play

Get ready for an intense adventure!

Crystal Dynamics has released interesting information about Tomb Raider on the number 213 of the British magazine Play.

The title, which establishes the reboot of the series, is designed for a long time, both in terms of narrative and gameplay from that view.

Uncharted Series rival, the current benchmark for the genre-platform action-adventure game, was definitely a good shock for the team to overcome all limits currently achieved.

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betan212509d ago

stunning cover i cant wait muahh

Valenka2509d ago

Nothing even new here. What a waste of my time.

DaveMan2509d ago

Complains about wasting of time on a hardcore game news site....lmao

Valenka2509d ago

Your sense of humour fails to slay me, I'm sorry.