The 25 Most Beautiful Video Game Box Art Covers

Box Art. I don't know about you guys, but my brother and I have been saving every piece of packaging for every game we've ever bought. Complex is saluting the artists who put together classic artwork for games, even though we don't spend nearly as much time with it as we should.

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CrescentFang2453d ago

Isn't that Golbez on the FFIV DS cover? Cool article

RogueCheddar2453d ago

Is it? I assumed it was Cecil.

LettingGo2453d ago

I respectably disagree with ONE statement. The Saboteur IS an great game. :) In fact, it's the only game I liked from that team.

RogueCheddar2453d ago

It's still on my list of games to play in the future. Reception was certainly mixed though.

Kyosuke_Sanada2453d ago

I am surprised to see no works from Yoji Shinkawa and I am really surprised there isn't any from Jun Suemi. The latter's art in the Rengoku 2: Stairway to Heaven was nothing short of breathtaking.

RogueCheddar2453d ago

I like Yoji Shinkawa's art but out of all the MGS covers I think MGS4 embodies the series and theme best.

synchroscheme2453d ago

The same thing happened with Dark Souls in that the UK and Japanese versions were a lot better, in my eyes anyway.

Not that the NA version is bad by any means.

Kyosuke_Sanada2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@ Mr.Rogue (forgot to press Reply XD)
Which one are you referring to exactly: A, JP, or Collector's Edition? And by the way, thanks for showing me the JP Heavy Rain boxart. It's really tempting me to import it just for the picture. It also makes me shake my head slightly because the picture represents fear (at least to me) alot more than the Silent Hill: Downpour cover which I found disappointing....