The Do's and Don'ts of Scary Games

Gamers Nexus: "I've recently seen a trend in many horror games: They aren't scary... granted, this trend is scary in itself. This has been a problem ever since Resident Evil 4's launch back in 2005 and has only continued to get worse. I've compiled a list of "the Do's and Don'ts" to help ensure people playing your game will never be able to sleep again. It's been a while since our previous 'Fear of the Dark' article, so it's time to dive back in!"

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Velox2336d ago

Seriously, screw scary games. Call me twitchy, but those games freak me out every time.

Lelldorianx2336d ago

do: not play them
don't: play them :P

HeavenlySnipes2336d ago

- Don't make it obvious that something scary will happen (ie. force the player into a dark room with noises coming from it. The player expects something so they are less likely to crap themselves)

- Do not try to scare the player during set pieces. Randomness is the best because it catches them off guard

With that said, the first FEAR was scary as fuck. The game was completely random with the scary moments. You'd never expect them. These in particular NEARLY made me shit myself (nearly....)

Tribar422336d ago

I disagree jump scares aren't very scary, they're startling. Look at the youtubes, screamer videos use that tactic all the time for a cheap scare.

What's really scary is making the player think that something is going to get them for a while, building on the paranoia until finally justifying it by ripping the player's guts out.

Lelldorianx2336d ago

Great point. It's also a fun tactic to build up suspense, make it seem like something bad will happen, and then just have a normal NPC conversation or non-scary event. This is a great way to pace the game (as mentioned in the article) and create some comic relief for the player -- and it's not obvious comic relief, it's generated by the player thinking, "wow, I thought I was going to die."

THAT's when you get them. Jump them after they've had enough time to calm down.

MidnytRain2336d ago

I agree, total randomness for me is not scary. My mind will not immediately process what just happened. But when I THINK something scary is about to happen, that unknown thing as my full attention and plays with my mind. It's like they get me to scare myself before anything actually happens.

Pikajew2336d ago

I dont like horror games. The scariest game I have is Resisent Evil 4

FinaLXiii2336d ago

Dead Space 2 the last good horror game.

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