How to Play Battlefield 3 Without a HUD and How “Skill” is Calculated

MP1st - Ever wondered how to play Battlefield 3 without a HUD or wondered how your "skill" level was calculated? Keep reading to find out!

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bobrea2457d ago

The part about skill is pretty obvious. You don't really need a word from devs to be able to figure that out. Good to know about how to get rid of the hud, though

Criminal2457d ago

I wish I had a PC to do that.

Bodster2457d ago

Was really hoping that they had found a way to remove the HUD from the console versions there. Would make the game a lot better imo...

Mister_V2457d ago

Especially since this game is all about immersion. It'd make for a pretty sweet hard-hardcore mode.

Hufandpuf2457d ago

I agree, I wish they'd remove the map from hardcore also.

Solid_Snake372457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Agreed, remove everything. DICE should add an animation that lets you remove the mag for checking the bullets. It should make players make those bullets count and also force them to use the single-burst feature more. Of course that would mean they would have to raise the damage from guns considerably.

Mister_V2457d ago

@Solid_Snake37 "DICE should add an animation that lets you remove the mag for checking the bullets." <--- awesome!

Pentumsmart2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I agree, I wish they removed the game from the hud in hardcore mode.

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Undeadwolfy2457d ago

Removing HUD from consoles is as easy as going into the safe areas of the screen and pushing them out as far as they can go. ^^

Ninjamonkey822457d ago

I just used the ui.drawenable false command in game unless there away of setting the game so that you can bind keys from a mp_config to recongnize ui.drawenable false/true set to a key bind.

Its abit annoying having to put it in to set back to true to switch load outs when you die. But the over all effect is a payoff either way. Some will be going on TK sprees lol esp those new to the game ffs they won't know the enemy from there own team lol.

jocomat92457d ago

hard to do put my skill to test with motherf*ckin input lag.. get your sh*t together dice!

eak32457d ago

Kind of disappointed in fact that they match players based on = skills. I like playing against players better than me since playing superior opponents only improves your game.

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