USA Preorders Chart, 31 December 2011 - Diablo III Takes Top Spot

"Overview - There are no games in the top 30 to be in its final week before launch. The top five games include Diablo III (PC), Mass Effect 3 (X360), Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3), Kinect Star Wars (X360), and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (X360).

The top two games have 200,000 or more pre-orders, the same as last week, and the top eight has 100,000 or more pre-orders, up from six last week. Two games add 20,000 or more, up from one last week and three add 10,000 or more, down from four last week."

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fluffydelusions2392d ago

Diablo 3 doesn't even have a release date and it's top spot...mind blown

shayol33t2391d ago

People are looking forward to buying lvl 3 artifacts, with credit cards.

Bundi2391d ago

Not an exciting Top 10 save for ME3. The rest are up there simply because the heavy hitters are far off from release.
Then there's Halo 4 which is just a beast, so many pre-orders and its releasing only during end year holidays.

SolidGear32391d ago

I pre-ordered Syndicate yesterday :)

Hicken2391d ago

Was about to click until I saw vgchartz.

Chrono2391d ago

What is Tales to Enjoy! Puss in Boots? And why many Americans pre-ordering a rugby game?