To Everyone Worried About The Playstation Vita: Don’t Be

After the second week of sales for the Vita in Japan were released, people started to worry. Having sold just 72,479 units, the Vita was beaten out by the 3DS, PS3, Wii and PSP. This caused various publications to say that the Vita won’t launch in North America and others were talking about a price cut from $249 to $199 for the NA launch. Yes, the Vita didn’t exactly get off to a great start sales-wise in Japan but that doesn’t mean this will happen in the rest of the world.

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ssb31732453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Well if you think about it, the PS Vita hasn't been released in the rest of the world yet, so it's too soon to make any assumptions. Not only that, but it has only been two weeks since release, and that isn't nearly enough time to judge if it will fail or not. The Vita will most likely do better outside of Japan but considering that the holiday season has gone, it can be argured if people are willing to pay that much money for one. Software sales wise, as it says in the article, digital downloads are not counted for and so nothing can be based on that. There might be more digital downloads due to the lower price of them, but considering that no one has any info on them, it shoulldn't be judged so early into its life.

Having imported one myself, I can say that it is really amazing, and Uncharted is an amazing game. Also having its main competitior, the 3DS, I can say that both consoles will do well because that are different to eachother. I would advise people to buy the Vita once released, it is actually really good.

TrendyGamers2453d ago

I'm definitely very jealous of the fact that you have a PS Vita. February 15th cannot come soon enough, I really want to play Uncharted.

miyamoto2453d ago

This year Disney & Sony should come up with a Pink Hannah Montana PS Vita bundle with 4GB memory card & sell it....wait a few months and see it ain't selling ... discount it heavily $50 off..... see it sell like crazy online ... and wala! inventory clean & everybody is happy!

LOGICWINS2453d ago

"To Everyone Worried About The Playstation Vita: Don’t Be"

The only people who need to be "worried" about Vita are Sony and people who have stock in Sony.

ShabbaRanks2453d ago

? *reads comment twice* *reads again* *reads one more time* ?


BattleTorn2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

lol ^ this. (in agreement)

A portable is a hard sell in these days, where nearly everyone already has a smartphone or tablet capable of playing great games.

Parapraxis2453d ago

I don't have a tablet or smartphone, care to point me to these "great games" you say everybody is playing BattleTorn.

LOGICWINS2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@Battletorn and Parapraxis- A dedicated portable is a hard sell these days because smartphone games offer a tremendous value regardless of whether they are great or not. Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio are FREE on the Android are hundreds of other games and applications.

People like the idea that they can pay ONE price in the beginning and download hundreds of apps for free. None of them are likely up to the quality of visuals and storytelling of say Uncharted: Golden Abyss...but when you have have free access to hundreds of fun games...who the hell cares?

Anyone who believes that smartphone games don't have an effect on dedicated portable gaming consoles is a jackass...period.

If a smartphone owner is used to paying $0 to $3 for games, it's going to be HARD to convince this person to buy ANOTHER device for which they have to buy $10-$50 games for.

TBM2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )


i have a smartphone and to me its pretty damn worthless for the type of gamer i am, so ill be purchasing a vita when it releases because it has the types of games that i want to play on the go. if i can spend $300 for my smartphone or $400-600 for a tablet i think i can spend $250 for a dedicated handheld to suit my needs.

for me personally i will never believe that gaming on a smartphone/tablet is just as good as a dedicated handheld.

my phone is good for only a few things

browsing web when im bored
texting, calling

the vita will service my need for quality games on a portable device. majority of the people i see using phones/tables to try and game look retarded to me with the finger swiping and finger poking lol. these are just my opinions.

radphil2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

"Anyone who believes that smartphone games don't have an effect on dedicated portable gaming consoles is a jackass...period.

If a smartphone owner is used to paying $0 to $3 for games, it's going to be HARD to convince this person to buy ANOTHER device for which they have to buy $10-$50 games for."

You act like dedicated portable devices just showed up overnight....
And they're hard to sell? We cleared out of PSPs, DSs, 3DSs over the holiday times, and was back up to 20+ for the most part.

And the fact that you compared the same time of flash-style/Unity based games to studio developed games, and expect them to be at the same quality and price, is really questionable on your part.

One example. Infinity Blade. Made by Epic and is good quality. The other thing? It's $6. Higher than the "0-3" you state, and at a higher quality.

Aside from that, touchscreen gaming can only go BUT SO FAR with control limitations.

Qdog2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

@ radphil

The following is my opinion and as such only applies to how I feel....

As an owner of a tablet, a smartphone, and a PS Vita(import), I have to completely agree with the limitations of touch-screen only's just not there. There is no replacement for dedicated tactile controls in the response and coordination department. I've played many high priced games on my Acer Iconia A500 and none of them hold even a candle to the overall quality offered by Uncharted: Golden Abyss, seriously to me there is no comparison. In fact when I play these games on my tablet, I think of how much better they could be on the Vita. The platform is powerful, cohesive, and has a list of dedicated features that make it way better than my tablet could ever be for gaming. I think there is a place for dedicated gaming portables as well as tablets/ smartphones, and until tablets start using a super high refresh rate screen with bumpy overlays to emulate buttons, they wont come close to the gratification that the Vita and 3DS offer to gamers.

tiffac0082453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I don't think the PSV is geared towards the casual market, just by reading the statement from Sony's SCEE CEO Jim Ryan, they seem to know their market will be the core audience with the PS Vita and plans to move into the younger audience in about 2yrs.

So this talk of the smartphone buyer buying a PS Vita is a moot discussion because even Sony admits that it ain't the market for the PSV at this time.

Even Pachter freaking agrees. Only detractors of the PS Vita always seems to be the one to put this point out all the time.

So you guys may actually be expecting more from the PSV than Sony is, in terms of sales and target market.

Edit: Replied to the wrong comment, sorry it was meant for the one below this post. ^^;

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damnyouretall2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

cmon man japan has been through some shit. wait till it hits the states, it will be very popular

LOGICWINS2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Just curious. Why do you believe that a $250/$300 dedicated portable gaming device that isn't a phone and doesn't have the name Apple on it will be so popular?

"cmon man japan has been through some shit."

Yet the release of Monster Hunter helped the 3DS smash sales records in Japan three weeks ago.


Why did this "shit" only affect Vita sales and not 3DS sales? Theres clearly another factor that we aren't considering.

@Schobeleth- I don't think you realize the point. Most people are happy with paying $0 for fun portable games as opposed to $50 for a great portable game. It's more about value than anything else.

It's funny how you downplay games because they are "bite sized"...yet Pokemon Black/White have sold more copies than 3D PSP counterparts such as Peace Walker and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The way YOU view games is clearly different from the way the majority of portable games view games.

JellyJelly2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The US (or the rest of the world) isn't exactly doing awesome financially either.

I think most people will feel the Vita is a superflous gadget if you already have a console or gaming PC in your home. That's how I feel about it. If I want some casual fun while on the bus or the train smartphone games are more than enough to make the ride enjoyable. And as Logic stated, most of the smartphone games are free or very cheap.

SoapShoes2453d ago

I've been reading about this and I say, how is it failing? It did 400k in 9 days with limited supply(compared to 466k the 3DS did the WHOLE month of November)... They only shipped 500k throughout the whole country of Japan. With only 100k left it's probably spread out very thin and is reported that the wifi version is completely sold out, only leaving the less popular 3G model that the Japanese don't care for. What is with the media and being so quick to jump on the Vita? They've painted a negative picture on it for no reason when it isn't even true. 70k+ is more than all individual systems do in Japan on a normal weekly basis anyway and there's no word on when more will be shipped.

On the topic of games, I think the Vita's launch games are more geared towards the west anyway, especially in February when there will be more launch titles. It's only a matter of time before some mega Japanese game comes out for the Vita and you know there will be a Monster Hunter for it. But it has also been reported that "One thing that did sell out was Vita memory cards. The bigger ones, the 16 and 32GB cards, are completely sold out, according to reports. Despite the high pricing, 90 percent of Vita purchasers also bought a memory card. " . This explains why Vita games weren't in the top 10. Does the media really expect Japanese gamers to buy huge memory cards and not use them to buy cheaper priced digital copies of games?

As for the 3DS's massive numbers this week... Have you seen the games that have come out for it recently? They've put out all of their big guns for the end of the year. Mario Kart, Monster Hunter, etc. All big games in Japan! You know what happens in Japan when a big game comes out for a system? The system surges to astronomical numbers and then usually goes back down to normal. It has happened with the PS3/PSP several times with games such as Yakuza 3/4, Resident Evil 5, Final Fantasy XIII, Monster Hunter 3G, etc. I think this just proves that despite all of these gimmicks Nintendo and Sony have used, it's ALL about the games. The reason the 3DS didn't come out swinging was because it simply lacked the software that the Japanese people wanted and now a bunch have just come out.

I see no reason for these doom and gloom articles. :???: I felt the same way when everyone was saying the 3DS failed because it wasn't doing astronomical numbers. Both the PSP and DS did better in the long run than what their launches would have suggested and the PSP was the #1 system in Japan for 2010.

damnyouretall2453d ago

logic i noticed youre always a ass in the comment section. wasnt the 3ds released before their tsunami. im glad alot of people were able to buy monster hunter, good for them. but the vita will do better in the u.s.a. around launch, bet. i know the US isnt doing so good, you think im stupid or live in a cave? but we still buy usless shit and it helps stimilate the economy some what so who cares.

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Schobeleth2453d ago

@ Battletorn, please describe these "great games"? Most are bite sized, casual fare because of the very nature of the touch controls. The same thing happens with any motion based or touch based hardware.

The PS Vita has dual analog sticks, this is what will make it stand out in the long run when it builds up a stellar library of both old (ports and digital downloads) and new games.

It's already evident with their robust launch lineup. I couldn't be more excited because I'll finally have a handheld with dual analog sticks and the online community features I've always wanted on Playstation (cross game chat, finally!!!).

Sure, the touch controls are there for people wanting a bite sized gaming experience but there are games that support dedicated controls and also the optional touch controls. Key word - optional. I'll be happy getting superior control with my dual analog sticks and face buttons.

All the casual people who play Infinity Blade or whatever once every two weeks on their iphones can enjoy that, I just want a deeper gaming experience that smart phones and tablets can't deliver.

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Colwyn2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

the ps vita will eclipse the success of the psp in the amount of units sold in my opinion. the ps vita is an amazing handheld and i believe it will even sell more than the 3ds or come close to its sales. the reasoning for my opinion is because the ps vita will have a lot more software support especially the software that is suppose to launch in 2012 in the us and europe and it is able to support 3ds games while having more features. shy of having 3d capability like the 3ds, the vita is better than the 3ds in everyway and even though it doesnt have nintendos heavy hitters when it comes to software, it will have a lot of heavy hitters in greater quantity.

think about nintendo having super mario, zelda, donkey kong, kirby, pokemon, kid icarus,ssb, metroid, animal crossing, luigis mansion, star fox and a few others. while thats an amazing line up of games, its a short list of games when compared to a list of sony top heavy hitters like uncharted, killzone, resistance, gran turismo, god of war, heavenly sword,heavy rain, little big planet, socom, yakuza, ratchet and clank, gta, call of duty, red dead redemption, ico, shadow of the collosus, mod nation racers, skyrim, and a lot more games. my point is that the potential is greater for sonys ps vita to be successful because their handheld can support current hd console highest and best sellers while the nintendo 3ds will have to settle for less because it doesnt have the capabilities to support as much as the ps vita. it would be good if sony releases two version of most of their big titles for both ps3 and psv at a discounted price to entice consumers and also port a lot of previously released titles on the ps3 for the ps vita. id gladly buy red dead redemption, oblivion, skyrim, san andreas, ssf4, gran turismo 5, fallout, la noire, battlefield 2,3, assasins creed, and a lot others if they are on ps vita. ps2 heavy hitters will also be amazing

TrendyGamers2453d ago

If the PS Vita does surpass the PSP, it will take quite a few years and a lot of good exclusives but it is definitely possible.

tubers2453d ago

The only problem with that is that most of the titles you've shown for the VITA are "IFs". Just "what ifs" at the moment.

W/o complete assurance the VITA can be unappealing since it's just a device that's full of "ifs" and "promises" (best hardware in class).

Needs more software and more assurance from devs to negate pricing.

I am far from worried with the VITA.

There's so much that could happen in its life cycle.

TrendyGamers2453d ago

And I doubt that Skyrim would be able to run on the Vita.

Matrix2k2453d ago

Dude most people arent going to re buy ports

Ports dont sell systems exclusives do. That fact has never been broken ever in the industry

DaPrintz2453d ago

If Modern Warfare 3 hits this device, we will test that statement.

Stealth2k2453d ago


that statement will not be tested. There have been call of duties on the portables and they dont move systems

Anyone who wants MW3 will get it on the pc, or a console.

Splitting sales amongst 5+ systems is not a system seller

one2thr2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

I'm not a COD fan by any means but what "DaPrintz" has said is kinda true, if MW3 was to be released on the vita it'll probably sell like hotcakes with the masses, and to think that it won't just because of those piss poor tap and shoot COD or any 5minute 5mb fps download is stupid..... I can see MW3 being ported over to it the vita with ease, seeing that there was a live tech demo showing the vita running an un-optimized version of MGS4 that only taken a week to port over to so yeah what "DaPrintz" has stated can actually become an interesting reality....... But then again who'd rebuy a terrible game, on the go?

ronin4life2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

CoD probably won't sell on vita if it means its fans will have to stop playing CoD to buy it, unless it is standalone and different enough.

SoapShoes2453d ago

So Mario 64 DS, Ocarina of Time 3D, Street Fighter 4 3D, Metal Gear Solid 3D didn't sell DSs? Umm... Nintendo has always relied on ports with their handhelds. GBA was ports of Nes/Snes, DS was ports of 64, 3DS is more ports of 64.

pythonxz2453d ago

Nintendo pretty much plays on nostalgia. If you truly think they don't, take a good hard look at their most successful games. If haven't noticed, they aren't much for new IPs...they just resurrect old ones.
With all things considered, I'm not saying that Sony is any better, especially when it comes to spin-offs...but then again, those usually aren't First Party games.

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Matrix2k2453d ago

For the record it didnt sell badly in japan. Outsold the psp and psx, and ps3 for 2 weeks

Mac is OK2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

But it was outsold by both PSP and PS3 in it's second week.

ShabbaRanks2453d ago

who gives a fuck about sales... Anyway you guys must of forgot that wicked tsunami that hit japan last year...

Mustang300C20122453d ago


So the excuse is the Tsanami that hit Japan last year but effected Sony but not Nintendo during the holidays? What are you trying to say?

ronin4life2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

You mean the launches, right? Because that is still a little iffy.
The ps2 launched in an era where games had yet to gain a major foothold and against the dreamcast(which was still doing ok in Japan at the time), and the ps3 was overpriced and the launch lineup was awful.
And while outselling the psp is more impressive, (if not just a sign of overall market growth) it(the vita) was crushed in its own full launch week by that very system.

SoapShoes2453d ago

You makin' shit up? PS2 was in an era where games had yet to gain a foothold? ROFL!!

radphil2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The funny thing, is logically didn't the 3DS and Vita have around the same opening launch sales?

So why are some of the media outlets comparing numbers of an established base vs a new growing on?

It's like comparing the stats of a veteran experienced person to that of a newbie. Back then it was 3DS is doomed, etc, etc. Now it's Vita is doomed, etc etc.

ronin4life2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The 3ds's first full week was much better than the vitas, which saw a 70% or so drop from its first 2 days.
Furthermore, the 3ds's first 2 days were a bit better than the vitas and the 3ds had less stock available at launch than the vita.

smashcrashbash2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

There is an article on N4G that shows all the PlayStation system went though the same high sales first week, lower sales second week process. So it seems that this is not a rare occurrence. Remember most of Sony's systems have gone on to sell tens and hundreds of millions of units all of them with the same 'it will probably fail' attitude behind it.

Also remember that Sony sold most of the units they shipped in the short time the VITA was in Japan and they haven't even shipped more of them. So the fact of the matter is not that the VITA CAN'T fail. It's just that it is way to early to be saying that.Remember how 'worried' people were about the PS1 and it sold 10 million units easy?

@ radphil and to make it worse the 3DS had a worse launch line up and less games. It wasn't until they got Mario and friends that sales surged. People are saying that the VITA's problem is they didn't have things like MH or Japanese games to attract Japanese customers at launch.But neither did the 3DS or have people forgotten already?

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