Top 5 News Stories of 2011

Juan of Vivid Gamer writes:

"2011 was packed with news that kept gamers interested throughout the year. Vivid Gamer was able to report on much of it, and here is a recap of 2011′s hottest stories."

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rrquinta2386d ago

There definitely were some great stories this year. It must have been hard to pick only five.

ncstatefan9532386d ago

Also of note, the NGP was given the name Vita.

TheLiztress2386d ago

2011 was definitely full of ups and downs. Let's hope that 2012 is nothing but good stuff.

MetalX2385d ago

The media showed nothing but hate in 2011. I hope game journalists are a bit more optimistic this year.

resistance1002385d ago

Very mixed year this one for me from a gaming front.

Still at least 2012 is starting off with a bang with Resi Evil Revelations and the PS Vita coming out in the first couple of months.