Are iPhones and Tablets Killing The Portable Gaming Market?

GamerFitNation's BlackBible asks the question "Are iPhones and Tablets killing the portable gaming market?" He say's this after recent sales report show a decline in the portable gaming market and a raise in the Iphone and Pad tech.

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I really hope the Vita will Succeed at launch

fluffydelusions2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Same. As to answer the question "Are iPhones and Tablets Killing The Portable Gaming Market?" Killing? Not quite yet but they are definitely eating into it.

fear882304d ago

Do games like GTA 3 play better on the iphone, ipad, and android, than on the PSP?

There's your answer.

fredolopez2304d ago

great article! i can see why more people are choosing app games over console games. not only the pricing but the quality of the games are enough to enjoy.

fredolopez2304d ago

i'm not saying the quality of app games are better than console games. i'm saying they're good enough to enjoy, so for the price it's not a bad deal. games like angry birds are pretty fun and can keep me entertained. of course i'd rather be playing Zelda on the 3DS but it doesn't stop me from understanding other points of views.

_Aarix_2304d ago

Ugh..angry birds. That game makes iphone gaming look bad. For $6 you can get an amazing hack an slash experience like infinity blade. $5 will get you a gta3 port with touched up graphics. $1 could get you tony hawk pro skater 2. Also look up real racing 2 and all the games square enix put out. THEN tell me the qualitys not there for the price.

HavenDan2304d ago

Probably, yeah. It makes sense monetarily and the quality is high enough to justify it.

Pikajew2304d ago

Can I play Sony and Nintendo games on a iphone? I think not. Iphones have small little games while handhelds have big great games

_Aarix_2304d ago

Well they have ps1 and n64 emulators for it so technially you can ;)

Matrix2k2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Copy of my statement from before:

These authors need gaming education.

“Try out a Dungeon Defenders or GTA III on the latest tablet (or even a smartphone), and you’ll likely agree that the portable games space has now grown beyond the need for a dedicated gaming device.”

Nobody would agree with this. Not a single person. Both games mentioned are considered laughing stocks.

gta 3 is considered broken and unplayable, and the worst version of the game.

Oh and the 3ds is 14+ million already and theres still 3 months left in the fiscal year.

3ds sales have surpassed all handheld first year sales.

What does this mean? People arent gaming on there mobile devices.

Why do people own consoles when you have a pc? It can do so much more? GAMING.

TC needs a gaming, history, financial education

To re iterate.

The vita has outsold the psp for the first 2 weeks. Outsold it. A system that went on to sell 77+ million. The vita is on pace to do that. What you call shockingly low. Is actually fairly normal when you look at launch drop offs. The psx sold worse than the vita in its second week

The 3ds is the top selling system worldwide every single week. 14+ million units in sales, surpassed every other nintendo portable.

So what exactly isnt selling?

klecser2304d ago

Thanks for the reality check. Bubble up. Anybody can make anything look like something else when they conveniently choose to ignore the facts that don't support their argument. None of this is journalism. Journalism should require fact checking and a reputation that you can stand behind. On the web, anyone can say anything without any consequences, so tripe like this continually gets posted.

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