PS Vita - Japanese Retailers cut prices for the 3G version by 20%

Some japanese Retailers has begun to cut the price for the 3G-Version PS Vita by 20 percent.

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resistance1002537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

So it seems there is litte demand for the 3G version.

Would explain the drop in 2nd week sales some more as people want the WiFi Version which would have been a lot harder to find. (seeing as the sell-through rate was around 80% after 2 days).

knifefight2537d ago

When I bought mine on the 17th, both the stores I went to had stacks and stacks of the 3G version, but one was sold out of the Wi-Fi only version and the other (where I got mine) only had a couple of them.

pythonxz2537d ago

Oh, look at that, someone else said the same thing. That's exactly what I've been saying. The statistics that these sites tabulate, do not take into account demand for different SKUs. The Wi-Fi version, as knifefight has shown, has a higher demand and many stores were sold out of them. This article just displays that even more, considering it is a sale on the 3G version only.

brettyd2537d ago

Thats how it is for every device that offers a wifi and 3g model. It was hard as hell to get a wifi Ipad2 but every store was loaded with 3G models.

badz1492537d ago

the device as powerful and versatile as the Vita is not complete without internet connection. at least Sony is giving gamers the option to use 3G on Vita while the main competitor doesn't at all!

of course the cheaper SKU will be selling more but you have an option to have extra, right? something is telling me, if Sony didn't even offer the 3G model in the 1st place, people will whine about it saying how the Vita is an "incomplete" device for this new generation where 3G is the norm!

I see it as Sony testing the market. if the sales of the 3G version plummet, they can just simply pull it from the market and they will still have the SKU that at the moment more people are asking for!

tarbis2537d ago

Don't think they'll pull out the 3G version yet. But, they'll gradually lower the supply. The problem with the 3G is it's not an open line. It's tied with Docomo and people want other carriers.
HK version of 3G sold out since it's open line, people are free to choose. Some people who were buying PSV along with me bought 3G versions without worrying.
Best possible option for Sony is to make their 3G version open line.

ABizzel12537d ago

They should drop the 3G version and focus on the Wi-Fi production.

No one wants AT&T overpriced services.

Bring it back when you get a 4G version.

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b-real2537d ago

I still fail to see the need for the 3G version when everyone has a smartphone with a wifi hotspot.

dericb112537d ago

I have been saying that for a while. I have a rooted Galaxy S 2 on Sprint. So unlimited 4G vs Capped 3g. Common sense means get the Wifi model and enjoy Lumines :)

DJMarty2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

@b-real - Everyone does'nt have a smart phone, thats complete nonsense. Why do you need to make up crap.

brettyd2537d ago

wait...everyone doesn't have a smartphone? but its 2012...

tarbis2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I don't have one, and I don't need it either. It's useless to me.

Ddouble2537d ago

It's less popular because of the cost of the service in Japan than because of smartphones.

Hicken2537d ago

I think both are pretty big factors in Japan, to be honest. I mean hell, their phone tech seems to be at least a few years ahead of ours at any given time, and if they're only half as connected as South Korea, there's pretty much wifi available everywhere, anyway.

hotrider122537d ago

sony should have known 3G vita would not sell well.

tarbis2537d ago

It will sell if it's open line. HK version of PSV 3G sold out. Why do people miss this one?

Bundi2537d ago

3G model about to be discontinued.

MasterCornholio2537d ago

Of course the 3G version is going to sell like crap. The data plans for it are horrible plus with free wifi hotspots all over the place there's no point in having 3G. Sony should have had more stocks of the WiFi model because that's the one , that's sold out in many stores.