PS Vita 3G data plan costs revealed

Turns out the prices for the PS Vita's 3G data plans were there all along.

GameZone writes, "Last week we reported that AT&T doesn't seem to have a clue about the 3G data plans for the Vita. Thankfully going into an actual AT&T retailer store got way better results. Apparently the Vita won't have any special prices associated with it."

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TheKindRoost2538d ago

bloody expensive for so little data, wi-fi it is then.

lupon2538d ago

250MB of data for $15? F that. long live wi-fi

guitarded772538d ago

Yeah, wi-fi all the way... I don't really need the 3G. If I'f traveling, the hotel has wi-fi, if I'm at work (like I should be playing at work) wi-fi, school has wi-fi, home, wi-fi.

blumatt2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

The best option is to just use your 4G-capable phone and tether it to the Vita. Then you can play full online no matter where you are, whether you're on the bus, on a plane, etc. all without having to have a separate data plan. Honestly, I think ATT should give existing customers a discount if they get the Vita data plan, but that's just not gonna happen. They're too greedy.

You can then play CoD online while you're using the bathroom at work. lol

I REALLY wish they'd have gone with Verizon instead of ATT. I have ATT and it sucks monkey nuts. lol

irepbtown2538d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I guess it will be 10 times more expensive in the UK. I mean, there is a £50 difference between the 3G and WIFI only version O_O

Liefx2537d ago

In Canada I pay 10 bucks for 100mb of data.

n4f2537d ago

@ lifex
well i think youre getting rape cause i got 15$ for 6gig

bozebo2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Yeah wtf. I get unlimited data and texts for £10/m on giffgaff (and plenty of minutes that I will barely touch). Tbh 3g uses the same long distance channels (where finances need to be applied to keep the internet running) as ordinary network bandwidth so they have no legitimate reason to cap bandwidth, especially that low!
Is the vita sim locked? I can't justify getting a 3g model if that is the case, I wanna stick a giffgaff sim in it!

Major networks are such a ripoff and they need to stop operating such an outdated business model :(

morganfell2537d ago

I still have the ATT unlimited data plan. I was grandfathered because once you have it ATT can't remove it even if you change phones. And I am wearing them out. I picked up a Samsung Skyrocket and have been blasting through the data. Though I have a Vita 3G on order I won't be able to swap it with that account...already checked on that.

I want the 3G model for those times when I really need 3G for an up date or a download and there is no free hotspot around or I can't hit an ATT hotspot.

Lazy_Sunday2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Then hell yes. But Vita 3G will get little attention on at&t, since at&t is shit service with expensive hidden rates.

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iamnsuperman2538d ago

I find it crazy the prices for mobile data plans and going abroad these prices go ten fold. I may be not in the know but surly it can be done by these networks cheaper

DragonKnight2538d ago

Of course it can. It's a little known fact (but easily discovered when you live in a country that already has an network infrastructure problem like Canada) that bandwidth costs practically nothing to provide. Telecom companies would never reveal it, but it costs less than 0.02 cents per gigabyte (that number may be inaccurate, I heard it from an interview from the President of TekSavvy, which is an ISP) for telecom companies to provide bandwidth.

That the prices for data plans are so high despite the cost of providing them being so incredibly low is a clear indication of massive greed.

But of course they'll try to B.S. their way with explanations like volume and peak hours and other such nonsense. It's all about monopolizing. Canada has an awful infrastructure for networking with little competition, so we get to hear all kinds of things about greedy telecom companies.

gamingdroid2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )


Greed is part of getting efficiency. The reason why telecom companies can charge you that much is because there is no "real" competition in the market.

I know for instance, T-Mobile is charging $10/month for 200MB. They are open to tethering and is by far the cheapest of the four major US mobile communications providers. Yet, they are the bottom of the list and is hemorrhaging customers. They were almost bought up by "evil" AT&T.

So the question is, what the fudge is going on?

I blame it on the governments protecting these companies. Ever wondered why your cable TV, internet service or even landline phone service is insanely expensive? Why is there only at most 2 providers in any region?

Answer: Government protection!

DragonKnight2537d ago

@gamingdroid: I don't think I've ever said this to one of your comments, but I completely agree. After following the OpenMedia issue and their battle with the CRTC against companies like Rogers, Bell, and Shaw; I know full well that the government is completely to blame for the lack of competition. The big telecom companies control everything.

Rogers for example doesn't have an unlimited GB/month data plan for internet. Their highest plan is what they call Ultimate Internet. For $100 a month you get 250GB for the month 50Mbps (approx. 6 Megabytes/second) DL speed, a pathetic 2Mbps upload speed, and 9 Rogers email accounts.

TekSavvy, which uses Rogers bandwidth by buying it from them in bulk, provides a far better service but at about half the speed (which they are improving on). Their Extreme Cable Pro packages is as follows. $55 a month. Unlimited bandwidth a month. 24Mbps DL speed, 1Mbps UL speed. So, for a little over half the price, sacrificing about half the speed, you still get more for your money with the absolute lack of a bandwidth cap thus you don't incur any extra costs for going over the cap.

I have been overcharged by Rogers for months and have to switch to another ISP because I'm allegedly going over my 60GB cap (I'm not paying $100 a month for a lousy 250GB cap) every month. But that only started in April of last year despite online habits of everyone in my house not changing. Rogers has also been shown to be guilty of throttling, which I'm sure the other big telecom companies are guilty of.

Canada is known to have one of the worst ISP markets in the world for competition, but it's really a global problem when companies like AT&T or Rogers get government protection.

fluffydelusions2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Isn't this the same price model as iPad? I hope AT&T lubes up before they stick it in you.

DeeZee2538d ago

Yup, this doesn't come as a shock.

Muffins12232537d ago

There was no gayness in the comment at all.....

Mrmagnumman3572537d ago

The "you" in your sentence better be a girl, if not im completely disgusted... ;D

Blaze9292538d ago

I don't think this particular salesperson at the AT&T knew what he/she was talking about either. I seriously doubt they will charge regular data prices for the Vita which isn't even using data for online gaming - only social features from what I hear.

ABizzel12538d ago

You must not know the endless evils of AT&T.

They will be these prices.

My cable, internet, and phone were $89 a month, then they jumped to $230 a month after my new member services expired, they tried to say I didn't deactivate this, but that's why I keep all my bills and reference calls.

bodybombs2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )


you dont think any other US carrier would be any different? sprint downright sucks, verizons prices are the same as att and tmobile doesnt have the coverage

edit: and as far as new customer prices, every provider does the same thing. comcast, century link, broadstar, verizon... they all bump your bill up after your new customer promo wears off.

Lazy_Sunday2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

If you yell at an at&t employee you get nothing. This is what I have learned from at&t, and this is why they suck--because they're stubborn and don't want to give the customer what they want. But if you yell at a Verizon employee, especially in the store (make a scene) they'll get you what you want. Cell batteries out of warranty, new phones, etc. I got grandfathered into unlimited three months after it was shut off since I was already a customer and complained that it was still in my contract to be offered unlimited. They tried to quiet me down and offered me unlimited for the same price of 2GB a month.

ABizzel12537d ago

Sprint offers unlimited data to any of their plans for a 1 time charge, and Sprint is fine.

Verizon is the same price as AT&T, but they offer much, much, much better services.

T-Mobile, I haven't had T-Mobile, so I'll take your word for it.

AT&T have shitty services, like @bodybombs said they're trained to avoid and deny.

I would take Sprint or Verizon over AT&T anyday, and then we might of had a 4G Vita, something worthwhile of AT&T fake network.

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milohighclub2538d ago

I thought vita couldn't do online play via 3g n only could through WiFi?! Any way 2gb will NOT be enough for online play! u need like 6-7gb I reckon n for extreme use 10+ think about it ur constantly uploading and downloading for 10 mins.

Also no network provider in the uk can offer that on a mobile data plan.

lilbrat232538d ago

Why I believe that 3G is not worth buying, AT&T is too greedy,

NiceGuy1922538d ago

It's truly retarded how the author of this article belivies that he can just walk into a store and get information on something, which is yet to be announced. What's this guys next article gonna be like? Him calling Playstation customer service asking when playstation 4 is gonna be released? The dude who answers replies "I think, perhaps, sometime early next year" Brilliant, now I bloody know! Now why don't I write a article with the headline "Playstation 4 being released Q1 2013"?

takohma2537d ago

Good one lmao. On subject well maybe a little. How is it that the kindle has free 3G? I would of thought the vita would too.

MEsoJD2537d ago

I'm going for the wi-fi model because I can just tether my vita to my iPhone when I want 3G.

AlienLion2537d ago

Yep. Why is 250mb plan even an option for Vita? If you bought a 3g version in the first place, you plan on using that thing. My phone goes through more than 250 in just a couple of hours of lol pics.

badz1492537d ago

3G here in my place cost around $20 a month for 3GB of data.

home internet is slow but expensive here but seeing price of data packages in other places, we have it cheaper here. I guess we lose some but still win some.

I'm using a 3G plan on my vita now but kinda pointless at the moment because there's really no game to go online for! not that many people have vita yet but Uncharted GA is AWESOME!

showtimefolks2537d ago

wifi it was and after these prices wifi it is. and at&t sucks in new orleans, and when i say suck i am putting it very lightly

cannon88002537d ago

Wireless Fidelity for the win!

milohighclub2537d ago

Mobile networks are thick as Fuck. If one turned around and did vita with unlike data for online gameplay only everyone would go to that network and they would make a killing.

Same with onlive, Orange have things called swappables now, where u get an app like sky sports or deezer with unlimited use. They could so easily througgh onlive in the mix. If they did I know is be going to get an xperia play with onlive.

ConstipatedGorilla2537d ago


"That means you're looking at $300 per year if you decide to go with the 2GB plan for the Vita. A positive point about this is that it doesn't require a contract and is paid on a month to month basis."

There is no "positive point" to this. I'll never understand why bandwidth data is considered some depleting natural resource that's so precious. I hate these carriers. At the very least, partner with Sprint - they have unlimited data...

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Colwyn2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

the price is highly speculative and not confirmed by sony or att. the 3g data plan shouldnt be more than 60quid or $80 a year if sony expects the 3g version to be a success. i will be buying the 3g version although i have a mobile phone with wifi hotspot capability. its a lot more convenient using 3g on the vita.

Kran2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

But come on. This is 3G we're talking about. Most 3G services are bloody expensive as they are for what you get with them. :/

Good job i've pre-ordered a Wi-Fi one for £200 (I was there when Zavvi dropped the price for a day) ;P

Half-Mafia2538d ago

I also got the Vita from Zavvi but i found a promo code to get another £4 off so in total the Vita is £196 for me. Oh and Zavvi also have Uncharted:GA for £35, which is the cheapest ive found online.

Kran2538d ago


I managed to preorder Uncharted GA, Wipeout 2048 and Modnation Racers all for around £30 on Amazon ;P I was lucky to of found them :D

DarkBlade46582531d ago

looks like this speculation was correct after all. Kudos to the guy who actually went out and investigated this, before Sony got a chance to announce it officially.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2538d ago

Err my cellphone plan has a gig of data plus unlimited calling/texting etc etc. for the same price. This is just a flat out rip off. Wi-fi version makes so much more sense.

user8586212538d ago

Yep that 3G version will bomb like the PSP Go

Norad62538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

No, I believe it will bomb a lot harder. I just don't see a reason to pay $50 more for the same system and expect us to pay for a monthly service plan for features I doubt are even worth it.