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FEATURE: Love it or Hate it, Call of Duty is Huge

Mountain_duwe of 8bitfix writes: Extending yet another record, MW3 made an obscene $775 million in its first five days, eclipsing the $650 million set by Black Ops one year prior, which surpassed the $550 million made by Modern Warfare 2 a year before that. Call of Duty has become like a yearly holiday of sorts. Every November, you can expect a new CoD game to release, for thousands of people across the world to call in sick and begin their climb towards digital dominance. How did we get here? (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward, PC, PS3, Treyarch, Wii, Xbox 360)

Euthanasia78  +   1281d ago
I don't hate it. I LOATHE it.
b163o1  +   1281d ago
Don't hate it, just don't play it. Rather log in on BF3. "Hey pick up that ammo"...
SonyStyled  +   1281d ago
"Got your med kit here"
trenso1  +   1281d ago
"be advised i've spotted a hostile soldier in your ao over"
Der_Kommandant  +   1281d ago
Snookies12  +   1281d ago
venom06  +   1281d ago
no doubt about it, most people hate it....... its the stupid OCD that make them keep buying that garbage... this time next year, the majority of people will be complaining about the next one..
GraveLord  +   1281d ago
Funny thing is that the people(trolls)complaining about how much COD sucks don't even play it. They see some youtube video of some buy cheating to go 200-4 and think that's how the game is.

I've seen lots of Skyrim glitch videos making the game almost unplayable. That doesn't mean thats how the game plays all the time, its a glitch.

In MW3s case, its glitchers/cheaters/boosters that are trying to give the game a bad reputation and you trolls are eating it up.
Gamer-Z  +   1281d ago
The game is pop garbage now, its as "casual" as the word itself. There's nothing unique or innovative about the game anymore, just lazy devs cashing in on popularity.
SonyStyled  +   1281d ago
i hate them because theres nothing AAA about them, yet they sell millions more than the actual AAA games
cochise313  +   1281d ago
I don't care how huge cod is, that doesn't change the fact that activision refuses to push the series forward and add innovation. this was the first year I didn't buy cod.
Commodore  +   1281d ago
My new New Years resolution is to not buy CoD and will continue on as long as activison continues to pump out GARBAGE.
Commodore  +   1281d ago
Haters gone hate. Keep riding that Activision d**k

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