New PS3 and PS Vita Game From Ex-Irem Creator In The Works

One of former Irem developer, Kazuma Kujo, last tweets for 2011 was news that he was working on a PS3 and PS Vita game.

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Cloudberry2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

He looks like Itagaki. XD

Are there hopes for (the un-canceled) Disaster Report 4 & Steambot Chronicles 2?

ShoryukenII2152d ago

I thought he was Itagaki too. The only way I recognize that guy is because he is the only one that wears shades and he has long hair. I wonder who was first: this guy or Itagaki?

Lord_Sloth2152d ago

I thought it was Itagaki with more Devil's Third news.

Ddouble2152d ago

Don't know who he is but glad to hear about more cross platform games for PS3/Vita and that he's done with the PSP.

MasterCornholio2152d ago

Cool a handheld exclusive from a Japanese developer. I hope it's a good JRPG.


Godmars2902152d ago

Any chance we can wait to get excited after some gameplay has been shown?

You know, let the devs earn the hype?

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